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Thread: Opinions On This Header

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2013-07-14 16:38:04
Opinions On This Header
So here i was looking and looking for some headers beside the ebay ones and I came across this header from SpeedZone Motorsports

Here is the main link: SpeedZone Motorsports*::*PERFORMANCE*::*EXHAUST*::*Headers*::*91 92 93 94 95 96 97 98 99 NISSAN SENTRA SER 4-2-1 JVTR STAINLESS STEEL PERFORMANCE HEADER #19854

Have any one has tried this header out? Is it better than the SSAC header? Any input at all?
2013-07-14 16:58:21
Umm its the same thing only difference is the jvt badge.
2013-07-14 20:43:12
SSAC has been gone for awhile. We just call them SSAC headers because people are tired of keeping track of the names. FWIW OBX was the first company to rip off the Hotshot design, and SSAC were the ones that first mass produced the 2.5" secondary "innovation" (if you have a really loose definition of that word)

It should work exactly like an SSAC, except I've heard some complaints about eBay headers cracking welds lately (come full circle back to hotshot hey?)
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2013-07-15 00:21:46
@Benito Malito , So in a summary of all you said is just another rip off just with a JVT badge like @1sentra-se-r said.I just wanted to know if there really was any difference. Thank you guys
2013-07-15 00:26:45
Its sad there is such a huge gap for headers for our cars its 100 or 800,1200...no in between.And the 800 dollar headers arent 8x better,thats for sure.
2013-07-15 01:16:17
If you want a header that gives results, fits right, and looks good I can promise you it will be on the other side of $750. Moar than likely it is on the other side of $1000. The $200 stuff is only marginally better than a stock manifold IMO
2013-07-15 01:17:36
@Abdielo; Yes. look for one with 2.5" outlet. some are still 2.0" and most prefer the larger outlet.
2013-07-15 02:53:46
Thanks @Benito Malito I had that talk with Jay @eggman a while back over the phone and also to get straight tru resonator and muffler. But I think after all even is is just a little more power than stock is still better than nothing I guess. I'm probably going to go with a Tri-Y one and just weld in the SR20 flange and obviously make it fit like I seen some ppl in here from PR done it. ( @mercado ser ) tri-y-headers I just need to know where I can find a flange?
2013-07-15 03:06:55
That's good you are learning fast from the right people. GL w/ your SE-R.
2013-07-15 03:25:44
Thanks man! I always got to check up with my little island they always up to something if not breaking records just making things fit were ppl would never imagine...lol...
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