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Thread: b13 radiator upgrade

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2012-07-09 05:24:34
b13 radiator upgrade
What are my options? looking for better than stock sr rad cooling. engine is getting hot when i run her hard
2012-07-09 05:59:43
Originally Posted by ga16eats
What are my options? looking for better than stock sr rad cooling. engine is getting hot when i run her hard

What's your set up? I had a boosted B14 making 230whp that car never ran hot with the factory 2.0 radiator...... I would first check all your components involved with cooling make sure their working correctly.....if everything checks out they proceed down the list.

* options that may help

Some products that can be found on this page - http://gspec.com/s-7-cooling.aspx

A product that can be found here - http://www.redlineoil.com/Products.aspx?pcid=10

If your using one oem fan, run to the scrap yard and pick up the missing one. Their cheap and they bolt right into the existing mounting holes work pretty good as well.

This is kind of pricey...but I guess you could go this route too if your really hard core. http://www.titanmotorsports.com/koforse91nx9.html
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2012-07-09 07:16:20
How well do those rad shrouds like the mishimoto work?
2012-07-09 07:27:15
Originally Posted by ga16eats
How well do those rad shrouds like the mishimoto work?

Not sure Honestly I never got into all those gadgets, I've always stuck with the OEM fan setup and always worked fine for me but then again I never made big numbers where items like that were required either.
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2012-07-09 16:30:44
Z32 radiator cap. Higher pressure cap.

NX2K radiator. Twice as thick as the SE-R.

GTiR radiator. Twice as thick as the SE-R, more fins per square inch than the NX2K.

Mishimoto radiator. All aluminum. Thick. Prototyped by Jimithin7000.

Koyo radiator. Make sure to get the correct one. All aluminum is what you want.

Upgraded fans. This thread has information on the Spal fans, and some fancy Flex-a-lites posted by Ashton.



Cooling plate on the radiator support (custom item). See Luispeeds threads on the subject under Group Buys.

With the GTiR radiator and two (2) Spal fans as indicated, I have never had a problem in Texas, Louisiana, nor on my two (2) track excursions.

If I ever have a problem with the GTiR radiator, I will probably go Mishimoto.

If I have any fan issues in the future, when my money is not so tight, I will probably go with the dual Flex-a-lite fan/shroud system posted by Ashton.
2012-07-09 23:46:16
^about sums it up. /thread.
2012-07-10 00:11:42
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This thread also shows a cooling plate from Carbing on a G20 so you can see what they look like.


From what I read while doing those searches, an NX2K radiator and properly operating fans, throw in the Z32 cap, is probably all you will ever need. Unless you are actually racing on a road course.
2012-07-10 01:30:16
I just picked up a 2000 sentra radiator today
2012-07-10 02:04:43
Ur ga is overheating because u treat it like an sr. Lol
2016-09-02 11:50:19
I ended up with a mishimoto rad with a slim fan. Have never had an issue since. Now that im running a det, ive still never had a heat issue, even with driving the piss out of it hete in the fl heat. Dual pusher fans coming up next for more turbo clearence.
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