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Thread: Official 240SX Picture Thread

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2012-03-20 09:37:37

sold my old set of S15 lights an got a new set

tomei and blitz gets the job done..

here is the head
back from the machine shop.. i ended sending it back cus they didn't clean it well..

All stock for now head wise. might sell my camshafts to a friend and upgrade..

A few weeks back i got a chance to work on a AUDI RS and i wanted to compare my brakes, guess mines are too little T.T oh well its better than stock

Got a good deal on a R32 tranny for the low so i jumped on it.. a friend of mines sold gave me a Z32 na tranny... i ended up swapping the bell housings. Here is the R32 tranny w/z32 bell keeping it just in case i get a gtr on day keeping my fingers crossed..

I manage to get my hands on a set of OEM S15 metal fenders today yay!! good deal too..

Time to cut and weld them so they end up looking like this but w/ the side marker

i got the KOUKI wing

Brand new R34 GTR N1 Crankshaft FTW!!!

N1 water pump keep that water flowing

Spot welds here an there.. im learning to weld...

R33 cross member w/ modded tranny mount that is not pictured.. i need to clean it up

RB/Z32 tranny

My next move on the tranny would be a xcessive manufacturing VG 5 Speed Transmission Shifter bracket.. and a short shifter... SOON..

Here is the heart of my baby.. yes its been decked, honed, and cleaned... just missing main/rod bearings in order to get the crank in.. cant wait

sold my camshafts to a buddy of mines..
TOMEI FTW!! new timing belt ten, idler pulley, and spring

I took the diff from the oil pan to weld up the holes.. had a guy weld this up.. i dont have aluminum welder

Got the rings in

I got a JIC 3in titanium cat back test pipe and down pipe is next...

I managed to cut off the diff housing and sent it off to get shaved...

So here is the latest on my car...
my bro Z wheels for rollers..

Im getting the engine bay ready for more touch ups..
still deciding whether to go w/ skyline cross or 240 + after market mounts..

JDM safety is a must..

SOLD my kouki wing and got the whole trunk w/ wing.. and some Kouki side skirts

Cant go without some 180SX rear quarter windows

Got some Acl main/rod bearings

Bare block ready for a new N1 crank..

Cranks is in with fresh new piston rings..

Got a manifold but might change my mind.. lol.. my mind changes to much..

N1 oil pump..

And some S15 hood hinges

Aem wide band ftw!!

friend of mines gave me this circuit sports 4 Free

2012-03-20 09:39:47
I sold my Oem cf hood & decided to go with Kevlar

Top view.. vents to keep the heart cool

Oh yeah JDM HKS KANSAI kevlar coil and front cover that goes with the hood

More worked putted in..

HKS cams, HKS cam gears.

This is what the RB looks like now it needs a little bit more work done.

I finally got the S15 core support and bumper brace

Time for the body shop to cut and weld the fenders.. ect..

So thats my brothers S13 project car. This car project is on hold since he got his new DD/Project car the RB was swapped to the GTR to break in the motor for now. I hope yall enjoyed this post .

2012-03-24 05:48:55
Did anyone have trouble getting the motor mounts to line up on the SR20DET in a 90 240??
2012-03-29 17:11:42
Originally Posted by AnthonyChaosxx
Did anyone have trouble getting the motor mounts to line up on the SR20DET in a 90 240??

not me. had them loosely fitted on the subframe.Lowered the engine and popped em in one at a time then tightened then up. Went in without a problem
2012-04-05 05:15:30
Heres my DD:
2013-05-07 23:01:06
My old coupe

Current 240sx before kouki conversion

Not a great picture but with kouki conversion

2013-05-08 00:36:19
Forgot about this thread. I sold my daily to my friend last year when I was in Vegas.

now it looks like this
2013-09-22 07:52:44
Re: Official 240SX Picture Thread
Need some Navan skirts and a bumper

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