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Thread: Official 240SX Picture Thread

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2011-08-21 06:59:31

2011-08-21 23:20:38
quick photo shoot of the S1Fo and the Fairlady Z

2011-08-22 15:14:41
Originally Posted by nx2000t28
I have always wanted a precision SC61 how do you like it? any fitment problems?

I had to pull the brake booster to install it. The fitment is very tight. I may be selling the car soon depending on if I can get what I want.

2011-08-22 15:41:22
That SC61 have the S cover on it? Mine has the E cover.
2011-08-29 03:12:00

The white coupe in the background has my old det engine - this one is a fresh boy -
2011-08-29 03:38:17
NICE! the A/N's in the front for the catch can?
2011-08-29 12:55:17
Yeah - We are going to make a catchcan/coolant reservior unit and put it where the fuse box was stock.
2011-10-11 18:13:30

2011-10-19 06:10:51
2012-03-20 09:36:09
Im posting this for my brother who's doing work to his 240 its a pretty long post. A project in progress hope you guys like it.

R34 N1 crankshaft
R34 turbos guy said it was N1 but i don't think so
cut and welded oil pan
oem gasket kit
oem piston rings
new thermostat
N1 water pump
turboXs rfl bov
tomei timing belt
new tensioner, pulley, spring
Blitz tuned ecu
oil cooler
Jic full Titanium Catback Exhaust
wrinkle red valve covers
getting everything looking clean

R33 cross member
RB20 engine brackets
NA Z32 tranny w/RB26 bell housing

RHD conversion with AC/Heat & climate control
Cusco 6 point roll cage some guy painted grey needs to be blue
Bride Brix passenger seat and back seats are going to be redone in BRIDE fabric
Bride exas 3 bucket for the driver with Bride rail
JDM extra rare cool box in the glove box
Cusco drift knob
OEM Ignition key Light
OEM 180sx carpet

EVO 9 BREMBO front calipers
cross/drilled rotors
5 lug conversion

OEM S15 bumper w/fogs
S15 headlight
S15 Carbon fiber hood
S15 hood hinges
JDM license plate that light's up an says 180 on it >.<
oem power folding mirrors

N1 oil pump
acl bearings
cosworth head gasket
arp head studs
S15 core support
S15 bumper brace
Kouki tail lights
30mm Origin Tatakidashi Rear Fender
d-max roof wing
180sx rear quarter windows
coilovers, i dont know what to get yet..
to many things to name how about we just wait an see..

its just the "BEGINNING"

So i ordered a full BOMEX body kit from Japan through chaser aerodynamics and they sent me fake shit lol.. so i sent it all back and got the real stuff.. pic below has the fake crappy quality..

I couldn't find the RHD process only this after i was done

Got my car home without a frontend so i ask my friend if i can borrow his front so my neighbors don't start saying stuff..

HKS dragger cat back sold it for $50

Stock clean

Here is the JDM rare 180 as in 180sx

In the dark

I was building a KA-t sold it.. and ended up getting something better..

S15 BOMEX bumper with gtp carbon fiber S13.5 fenders.. sold it just wasn't feeling it..

Car at my job with my friends stock front end so it wouldn't look ugly.. 300zx calipers, 350Z wheels, BRIDE bucket and GTR seat..

Engine bay primed

JDM RARE COOL BOX keep your drinks cool


5 lugs an S14 se on the rear

Got the S15 bumper w/fogs


Flat black engine bay..

CF vented fenders, 350z wheels w Advan tires

Traded my gtr seat for some 30mm rear panel fake shit dumb

Get real shit or go home cus that shit looked wack..

On my buddy's car

Ok what you are about to see might freak you out.. i took all the paint off to get the bay ready for primer i know it looks ugly and it was starting to get surface rust

S14 core support that i got for free of my friends rhd clip just did not do so im getting an S15

Another set of cheap fenders...

Missing eye test fitting

Cusco roll cage i need to get it painted back to Cusco Blue

My buddies Ka-t

so i ended up selling everything but the hood

i took the windshield off so i paint the car later..

So i finally got a RB26DETT.

i took off the trust oil pan adapter, cut off and welded the pan..

holly shit surface rust is getting to her.. used rust remover and placed the motor in

cleaned up the pistons.. look at that nasty pan...

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