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Thread: Convention pics - Post 'em here

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2016-08-17 23:36:15
Originally Posted by 1fastser
Originally Posted by Storm88000
A lot of guys from Texas came.

Um, no. There was another car there with TX plates (B13 iirc) but the car was just purchased from, not driven from Texas.

Hmm. I thought I saw at least 2-3 with Texas plates. weird
2016-08-18 00:08:41
Him + me = 2 but that does not equal "a lot"...but then again, I guess that's relative...kinda
2016-08-18 13:52:50
Well, not like the state is really that big...
2016-08-21 16:28:53
Playing with MS Paint
2016-08-22 01:27:02
WOW!! ^^ That photo is awesome.

Uploading my dozen or so photos right now will post in a bit.
2016-08-22 01:49:26
On the way to the convention, stopping for some goodies:


@speedricer 's engine bay


One of the cleanest B14's I'd ever seen.. except it was auto


Beautiful P11

So as many of you know, the cops came and kicked us all out because the pavilion was apparently already reserved for some kids birthday party. It was kind of funny as we had 30+ cars and 60+ people already there, every parking spot was taken up by us, and then these random families with little kids and balloons started showing up and were all confused and had no idea what to do. A lot of us didn't either, but in the end it wasn't too big of a pain because we just drove down a mile or two to another area around the park, but there was no pavilion or anywhere to sit, and no shade, and it was like 96 degrees out that day. Thankfully @SE-RMonkey brought some chairs and a cooler with waters.
[img] http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v87/Storm88000/Storm88000150/conv7_zpsg1mkbkdg.jpg[/img]

My black 98 SE-R on the far right, next to another 200SX that was actually a base model SE, but it had a VE swap! Even had the smaller wheels on. Don't remember who's car that was but hell of a sleeper.


At the hotel on Sunday morning, waiting to go to the picnic/car show.

**THIS IS MY FAV PIC. The GTi-R RHD next to a GTR!! Wow!! LOVE!!

@speedricer 's really really clean B13. The funny thing, I actually got him this car sorta a few years ago. Matt (speedy) lives in the Pittsburgh area and he saw the ad for this car, but it was in NJ and I'm 30 minutes from the PA/NJ border. I went and checked the car out thoroughly for him and said I think he should get it and he did. He really did a great job with it, it's nearly immaculate.


My man Omar's ( @92_Sentra ) gorgeous 4 door VE swapped B13. Omar is one the nicest guys ever, he goes out of his way to help you out and is one cool cat.

Also, the day before I left for the convention I replaced my valve cover gaskets and was very pleased with how everything looked underneath. 194k miles on the motor, with the S3 cams. Always used synthetic oil replaced every 5-6k miles. Just like I said in the May issue of Road & Track, these guys can last forever if you take care of them:
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2016-09-08 20:07:40
2016-09-09 20:02:35
Originally Posted by SE-RMonkey

why did you re-edit my photo and repost?
2016-09-10 21:32:34
Originally Posted by SR20NYC
Originally Posted by SE-RMonkey

why did you re-edit my photo and repost?

I fixed it. The smudge to obsure the license plate number had no flare. It also reminded me of a ghost caught on film, so what better ghost than ol' VM herself?
2016-09-13 16:27:30
First the post...then the like...reminds me of this...

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