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Thread: 2015 Convention Marketplace!

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2015-06-15 04:20:34
Originally Posted by Boostlee
Speedhole, why don't you just buy your own?? That's a whole lotta work that I would'nt even ask a personal friend or a brother to do...........

You have almost 2 months to source and buy one, so get to ti!

I dont know what you mean? A lot of people remove them to throw on a header or have them laying around. I'm merely requesting should any of such people have one laying around to bring it. They sell something they arent using and get rid of it for $$ and I get one cheaper than new while helping them clear out parts and save on shipping costs. I'm not asking someone to go out of their way to do it. You know as well as I there are plenty of people with them laying around.
2015-06-15 04:27:46
NX Parcel shelf in good condition with one custom Bloot metal hinge pin and one original plastic hinge pin

Candy red over gold powdercoated DE valve cover
2015-06-15 04:57:23
Looks like I am gonna load up my truck with some spare parts and hope to sell them to fund my trip to VA this year. So if theres anything anyone needs any specific parts, feel free to contact me.I am a parts hoarder and have alot of stuff around for B13,NX,B14,and P10....a few things off hand I can or plan to bring...everything is used unless otherwise stated.
-(4) nx2000 wheels with caps
-white 93 B13 front bumper usdm with 626 lip
-white rear bumper usdm
-BNIB OEM Nissan rear B13 bumper unpainted
-ricer z3 style vented fiberglass fenders for B13
-Whiteline 4pt front LCAB
-Overkill Motorsports 2py LCAB
-Black B13 SE-R carpet
-(2)new mounted but not used sr20 waterpumps
-Obd2 to OBD1 stepdown harness
-some old school misc car audio amps speakers etc
-OEM nx200 and B13 exhaust rust free from FL
....and whatever else I dig up this week
2015-06-15 10:05:34
Originally Posted by eggman
-ricer z3 style vented fiberglass fenders for B13

@speedricer !!!

2015-06-15 12:13:00
Originally Posted by Boostlee
Precision 6262 CEA with Billet wheel and 4" anti surge intake
Tial 44MM V band

If interested, let me know. I will bring it up THursday before I leave

how much for the Tial?
2015-06-15 12:31:48
For you Keo, a buschel of crabs!

I will let you know later.
2015-06-15 12:38:27
I'm bringing 2x OEM NX wheels that have used 215/60/14 Mickey Thompson ET Street tires on them.
They will be for sale.

Want $240 for just tires; or $330 for wheels + tires.
2015-06-15 13:02:46
Originally Posted by canx2k
Hotshot downpipe, UR pullies (crank/wp), many e60 mafs, SSAC header/DP, NX rad, VE fuel rails/injectors

might want to hit you up for some of those parts on your drive back haha
2015-06-15 13:06:05
Originally Posted by 1fastser
Originally Posted by eggman
-ricer z3 style vented fiberglass fenders for B13

@speedricer !!!

2015-06-15 13:36:52
Originally Posted by speedricer
Originally Posted by 1fastser
Originally Posted by eggman
-ricer z3 style vented fiberglass fenders for B13

@speedricer !!!


These are right up your alley.

I thought it was obvious but I guess just to everyone else.
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