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Thread: Nelson Ledges Track Day Payment Thread

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2014-04-28 15:09:10
Originally Posted by Storm88000
Wait, you raced a Honda Accord AND a Mustang at an SR20 event? LOL. That's sorta like walking into McDonalds eating Burger King.

LOL....a v6 mustang (rental...cough cough). for the track.
and I just bought a brand new 13 accord so I used that for the 1/4 mile. 15.9 @ 90 bone stock auto 4 cylinder and not even 1000 miles on it.

Originally Posted by Boostlee
Originally Posted by 95g
Close. They were cool w the mustang bc the only thing that was beating me was that M series BMW.

Yes. There were some haters at the drag strip who didn't even have cars or too much of pussys to drive them---were making fun of me because I had a new accord. When I confronted them, they were chicken sh-t and nobody fessed up to opening their big mouth. Just like a bunch of little b-tches.

I'm a very easy going guy and older than a lot of ppl that were there, but that nonsense really irritated me and was completely uncalled for. Down right rude and disrespectful.

I can say if that happens again at an event, things will not go over well.

Wanna go with me and a few of my friends to the Montreal F1 race?? You won't have to worry about anything of the sorts happening there

EDIT: I hope the people making fun of you were not Convention members/goers (I am going to assume that I highly doubt they were!)........

I don't know who they were at the 1/4 mile track. I thought WE rented it, and it wasn't for some a$$holes to attend. Like I said before, it was downright rude and very disrespectful. And they were totally a bunch of loser wimps that couldn't even fess up to starting the crap. And for the record, if I get any nonsense again at any of these events, it will not go over well...period.

Originally Posted by BenFenner
Originally Posted by Kyle
People were being a bit more than discourteous towards Brian who was in a rented Mustang last year.....
Oh, I can't imagine getting grief from the community for bringing a non-Sr20 powered car!

All in good fun (hopefully) I say!

At least I get it to my face...

And who complains about a rental? Tough crowd...

Actually, nobody complained about the rental, everyone was very cool. It was only at the 1/4 mile track (because I had a HONDA).....group of people that were most likely early 20s to early 30s.

It pissed me off so much that I made a few runs and tried to ignore it but they didn't stop and it got worse, so I parked my car and literally ran into the stands asking who was opening their big mouth. Everyone denied it and looked the other way. I told them to stop running their mouths or get the hell out of here....something to that extent.
AGAIN, A BUNCH OF PUSSY WIMPS THAT CANNOT FESS UP TO BEING DISRESPECTFUL AND APOLOGIZE. Hell part of the reason why I am not super motivated to go to the 2014 event.....I really don't want to deal with that sh-t again....especially since I didn't even know these people. It's one thing giving your "buddy" crap and such, but not a stranger.

I don't want to beat a dead horse or sound like some tough guy ignorant guy that is looking for a fight... I merely don't want this to happen again for anyone. It did not make the event as enjoyable as it should have been for me. I can only venture a guess that one day these clowns will piss off the wrong people and it will start a fist fight or something worse. And if other members see this happening, I would hope they would chime in and tell these clowns to settle down or leave.

Just my mere two cents............... thanks.
2014-04-28 15:12:55
Originally Posted by Kyle
Originally Posted by Boostlee

EDIT: I hope the people making fun of you were not Convention members/goers (I am going to assume that I highly doubt they were!)........

They were all Convention go-ers, since we had the entire drag strip to ourselves that day.


Originally Posted by Storm88000
So random people were doing what, making fun of the car or saying stuff about the guy or both? Like actual mean spirited and not just busting balls?

This was definitely NOT busting balls. Hell, I didn't even know these people or had seen them at the road course. They showed up an hour or two into the event and obviously didn't have cars worthy to drive down the track....

2014-04-28 15:14:50
Hey 95G, we can just stick to the trackdays and not worry about those idiots . I'll let you ride shotgun and then you can flip them the bird every lap we pass them
2014-04-28 15:16:16
Brian, here's hoping those folks were just hyped up from 2012 and got maybe a little to excited about the Honda "rivalry" and they will calm it down and be more respectful this year. No one should have to put up with that from our group. Thanks for speaking up.

Now who's up next for purchasing a spot on the road course? Is Hank on the list yet? @hammerin hank
Last edited by BenFenner on 2014-04-28 at 15-18-24.
2014-04-28 15:25:23
Hank is busy wrenching on the BMW to pay up.
2014-04-28 15:46:29
Haha, I can't believe people that get seriously mean because of stuff like that. It reminds me of this maybe 18 year old guy who (for some unfortunate reason) decided to wear a METS hat to a Phillies home game I was at when they were playing the Mets. The kid was tortured and it wasn't like "haha the Mets suck" it was "hey you f***ing *agg*t" and then -WHAM - drilled in the head with half a bottle of Miller lite (they are plastic bottles at least)
2014-04-28 16:28:35
$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ = We need it!!

Don't miss out on this guys! We need participation to make it happen!
2014-04-28 19:50:36
Thanks fellas.
Regardless of ones need to harass another, I believe we should have a zero tolerance rule.
Any of these idiots try and start nonsense they should be banned from the event. Basically pack up your sh-t and leave.
Second offense, permanent ban from all events period.

If not, next time they do it to me, they may have to visit the ER on their trip.

Just saying .....
2014-04-28 19:56:26
Truly agreed.

Hopefully some more people will pay for the track day or it may not even occur.
2014-04-28 20:49:16
I am going to pay up just not for about 3 more weeks yet because of a few variables that may or may not occur (things out of my control) and possibly make me only to be able to get out there Fri-Sun, I suspect there's a bunch of others who are waiting for similar reasons. know it makes it stressful BUT no one expects a refund if they suddenly can't make it.
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