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Thread: Nelson Ledges Track Day Payment Thread

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2014-02-21 19:03:10
@Storm88000 Tell him we will mad at him if he brings the MR2 and is NOT on the track!
2014-02-22 07:21:05
Originally Posted by BenFenner
And personally, I'd love to see him out there in the MR2 on the track (even better if he's in the same run group I'm in). The more the merrier right?

Cool I'll let him know.

He's kind of a socially-sensitive guy and he feels really awkward if he's somewhere where he thinks he's not really invited. He was just like "but it's a Toyota what if they don't want me there?"

I told him its all good
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2014-02-22 15:27:26
ok my bro is in!! have one question, will they have helmets available to rent at the track at all?
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2014-02-22 15:52:03
They did not last time we were there.
2014-02-22 21:18:42
Originally Posted by Kyle
They did not last time we were there.

Okay. I'll look for one, I want a new one anyway. Any suggestions for reasonably priced ones? And what do they have to be, DOT approved or something
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2014-02-22 22:38:28
Nelson Ledges was pretty lax last time we were there. Riders could get away with motorcycle helmets. So if you need to borrow and squeak by with something like that for a day you might be able to.

However, if you're buying obviously you'll want something else. Really though, head over to this general helmet thread for general helmet talk if you want: http://www.sr20-forum.com/sr20-national-convention/12157-let-s-talk-helmets.html
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2014-02-24 18:23:20

For the trackday, are there required instructors for Novice or is track tutelage relegated to a classroom session and no instructor is required for ride along for track novices??
2014-02-24 18:40:16
Reed can drive around with you if you ask nicely.

It will be up to us most likely to help others with driving a correct line or other fun-stuff since this time is all us, it will be similar to last time.
2014-02-25 18:27:52
Payment #1 has been received!!!!

Keep them coming guys!
2014-02-26 09:06:42
What are the classes? Last time I ran last summer was Beginner, Novice, Intermediate, and Advanced.

I consider myself intermediate considering how many events I've done, my brother more of a beginner. Although I've never run at Nelson Ledges. I'm looking for a helmet right now for my bro and his MR2.
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