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Thread: The Official 2014 SR20 National Convention Information Thread!

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2014-06-21 15:15:48
Originally Posted by SE-RMonkey
Originally Posted by 93se-r
Originally Posted by SE-RMonkey
So what's going on out there? All's quiet, almost 48 hours and no mobile uploads/updates/pic of drunken debauchery. WTF? Expiring minds need to know.

BTW, I learned Wednesday night that Impulse Lounge does not have it's own phone ext. and the front desk couldn't page down there for Mr. Miles Long because "there was live entertainment" and "it would be noisy". I tried.

You are a funny MF'r! The fact that you listen to 80's hair bands and own a white B13 doesn't hurt, but no I'm not pulling a Rock Hudson and switching teams. Lol. Damn that got weird quick?? So what IS going on in Ohio?

Holy shit, Rock Hudson! Hahahaha!

Yeah, you might be the only person on here who would get that reference, hell you might be the only person who even knows who the f*** he is!!! Lol.
2014-06-21 16:12:11
I'm going to call the hotel now and do my famous Christopher Walken impersonation. I've gotten a lot of people to believe it. I'm going to say I heard there were Nissan Sentras at the hotel and they are my favorite car and I own hundreds and I am having 100 assistants drive each one to the hotel and ask if there is enough parking. When they say no, I'll flip out Walken-style and then do my Chris Rock impersonation saying the hotel is racist. HAHAH
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