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Thread: Call out thread !!!

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2013-12-24 00:34:38
Originally Posted by nismo94tuner
Like I said, quickest ET is coming home to an N/A car. There's not enough boost in the world to save you bitches.

Beer of choice will be on me if any turbo B13 even runs a 10.99999999. LOL

Want to put some skin on that?

What's your cars gas mileage? Just want to see how far we can go for a cruise.
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2013-12-24 00:43:58
You're on a diet whiles I'm eating steaks. ... yeah you know who you are! lol
2013-12-24 00:49:23
The NA "race cars" will be hard to beat.
2013-12-24 01:26:39
Race car blah blah blah. Lining up his excuses already...
2013-12-24 01:35:12
If I don't blow up on the dyno or track test it should be interesting
2013-12-24 01:35:30
Originally Posted by SE-Rican
Originally Posted by Victorious
I have a feeling there's going to be a long line of cars wanting to race that red b13.

Once they see the time it puts down I promise the line will get real short.....

Challenge accepted!!!!

I just hope I have enough transmission to get through the weekend LOL

What's the time and trap?
Last edited by 2_Liter_Turbo on 2013-12-24 at 18-42-54.
2013-12-24 02:44:41
LOL. The car may be light but im a heavyweight tipping the scales at 240lbs today. Rob, don't make me put a tank back in it and bust that red sled of yours up. You guys would have issues with my baby pump gas motor let alone the new build. Lol
2013-12-24 02:51:36
There's no doubt that your car will be tuff to beat. You've got consistency on your side for sure
2013-12-24 03:17:42
i will be coming out hard in a street bottle fed car

yes its going to be light as fuck and yes i will drive it on the street like a boss
2013-12-24 05:34:56
Fuck it, if I pull a few late late LATE Saturday nights, I think I can pull it off...wonder if I should say fuck it, keep it, and show up just to crack some ass' and shut down this NA train and send it right the fuck back to where it came from!!

We're an sr crowd, we're known for being turbo!!!! G-night
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