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Thread: Convention Dates Are Official

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2013-12-12 10:32:51
Originally Posted by ny5speed
Originally Posted by Storm88000
If I do bring my Altima SE-R.. will there be any more? Or how about anyone with the VQ swap?

If time allows I'll be there with VQ P10... It will be close though, I'm going to be on the road for work until the middle of may. Going to try to get the motor 100% ready and all of the swap components collected and organized before I leave in a few weeks. Then all i have to do is slap it together, shake it down, tune and make sure it will hold together for hot laps...

Good thing the b13 is always ready to roll

That would be awesome. Problem with Altima SE-R.... 3,200lbs. lol. But I bought it for that reason.. I needed cargo space. To put it in perspective, it has more room than both a B13 and B14 put together. The trunk itself is the largest I've ever seen in a non-hatchback/non SUV. And it's also fun, and since the 350Z has so many parts lots of aftermarket support. I hope your VQ car comes because mine *most likely* will.
2013-12-23 17:49:34

Have a dedicated track car now....
Hopefully we will hear some updates in a couple weeks
2013-12-23 18:38:42
w00t w00t another track rat!
2014-01-02 23:49:41
I know I'll be there this year... Hoping for a deal on the hotels at this point!
2014-01-03 01:27:35
Was supposed to meet with a hotel manager today but, the weather prevented it. We are getting hit hard with snow. I have rescheduled for next week. We should have final hotel info then!

We are in 100% Convention mode at this point now that the Holidays are over. The Ball is rolling and I am stoked!
2014-01-07 07:49:45
I am so very very pissed that I will be in Korea for this convention.....I am going to follow this convention to a T, too bad there isn't a way to provide a "live feed" while things are going on
2014-01-17 19:32:02
i hope everyone is getting ready. its only 6 months away, thats right around the corner for most of us lol
2014-01-17 19:48:01
This will be BenFenner's last convention.
2014-01-17 19:49:47
What? Why?

Sent from my SAMSUNG-SGH-I317 using Tapatalk
2014-01-17 19:55:53
im confused as well???
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