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Thread: 2013 Convention Build Status

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2013-05-17 12:39:17
Originally Posted by marksr20
Engine and 6 speed is in the smurf!

And the "other" car literally is getting a few coats of clear right now!!

Nice, I'm still lacking the bellhousing and my clutch set up. Hopefully the 'ol welded case will hold up a while.
2013-05-17 13:19:21
Those bell housings are the hardest parts to get, I feel like we are waiting to find a 72 gtr in white with low miles in the USA lol.
2013-05-17 15:05:50
Took the SE-L to work today for a shake down. 2.5 exhaust is back on. Without the silencer, I have to roll by cops in 4th gear....it's loud! Slight leak at the cat flange to seal...no biggie. Still have to flush the brake lines with new juice, clean the air filter, have a look at the toe setting, oil change, top off fluids, lube the clutch cable, put the new track pads on for a good bed-in (should be interesting on the street) clean her up and I'm good to go.

I'll be at Maple Grove this Sunday for a charity bracket race. It should make for a really good shakedown and measure of how the new mods are working. I'm excited!
2013-05-18 05:03:59
1 more down, a few to go

Battery moved from the trunk to the engine bay. No room in there!
2013-05-18 05:14:22
got a day off finally..going to work on both cars..
im not sure if the drag car will make it..the daily will be there for sure..lets see
2013-05-18 11:15:38
Originally Posted by mirrortints
1 more down, a few to go

Battery moved from the trunk to the engine bay. No room in there!

I did the exact same thing yesterday!
2013-05-19 03:54:03

shit ain't taped on anymore....

before the bumper was pushed out.

after the bumper was pushed out.

new badges I will be rocking.

up next 3M panel bond and rivets.
2013-05-19 14:00:36
While doing the front brakes on the shoe yesterday the caliper piston dust boot wasn't seating properly and it took me a long while to figure out how to reinstall it without servicing the entire caliper. Then it started raining. So I have half of the job done. Headed out soon to finish.

Edit: I finished the other side quickly since that dust boot was in place. It started raining again so I didn't get the measurements I wanted. The wheels are staying off until I can get things measured (hopefully tomorrow).
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2013-05-20 01:09:24
Power steering is back on! Feels so good.
2013-05-20 01:17:34
Originally Posted by mirrortints
Fuel lines...check
New tires...check
Exhaust...not yet
Battery...not yet
Dyno...not yet

Fuel lines...check
New tires...check
Dyno...not yet

Getting excited!
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