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Thread: A Day at the Drags for $40

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2013-04-14 19:45:03
Originally Posted by happynole
Originally Posted by eggman
I want to run my NX and my Frontier down the strip.Do I have to pay double or does my one payment allow me to run both?

If you run the Frontier while towing your NX down the track it will only count as one

Originally Posted by happynole
LOL it is a per person charge, just couldn't help myself.

Thats funny you say that,because as i was posting it I was thinking that I could tow the NX down the strip with the frontier and most likely outrun a stock GA16 ,or maybe a automatic P11
2013-05-01 16:42:37
I have been working 10-12 hours a day for the last week and thru Sunday. Monday and Tuesday off so I will catch up all lists. Several more folks have paid. Keep promoting the heck out of this everyone and hang in there with me.
2013-05-05 02:33:34
shit been wanting to go to the convention but am in no spot to drive down there this year hopefully im ready for next which I should got mostly every thing done this year send me some pics!!!
2013-05-11 04:20:21
Re: A Day at the Drags for $40
Money sent but there's no way in hell I'm running ;-)

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2013-05-11 13:56:20
Money sent, does someone have an extra helmet? The one I have is not certified, and Im not sure if they are going to be strict on the nhra rules.

Should be dope.
2013-05-11 14:12:32
Hjc has very affordable helmets for right around $100 on eBay or summit. Def a good idea to get one because you won't need another one for years to come. And summit will walk you through the sizing process.
2013-05-11 15:03:58
be careful though because it has to be snell and dot approved. Etown busted my balls about that, i can go 130 on a bike with the helmet i have but cant go faster than 13s in a car with it
2013-05-20 14:16:01
That is what im looking for, snell certified for at least 2017.
2013-05-20 14:21:45
Ill be arriving for the convention around 10am friday, how do I make sure they will know I already paid for the entrance? Would suck if u just show up and would have to pay again lol.
2013-05-20 17:37:10
Originally Posted by happynole
updated paid list:

1) happynole - Joe Schintzius
2) Manny - Manny Medina
3) nsusammyeb - Matthew Boddy
4) cortim1 - Michael Cortright
5) klassickrican - Dominic Melendez
6) ashtonsser - Ashton Roche
7) StangG20 - Michael Hegar
8) marksr20 - Mark Merliss
9) chapnutz1 - Justin Chaplin
10) wnwright - Nate Wainwright
11) hammerin hank - Hank Lint
12) BenFenner - Ben Fenner
13) LikeTheMovies - Eric Riggs
14) Kyle - Kyle Anderson
15) squirlz - Nick Keenan
16) Emily Marsh
17) Vadim - Vadim Kovalenko
18) Black Trunk - Chris
19) turbotank - Chris Turner
20) ny5speed - Randy Cresci
21) Randy's Dad - Randy Cresci, Sr


I will not be coming. Please use that money for someone else who is deserving or put it towards a prize or trophy. I really wish i could be there but it will not work this year.

Hope everyone has a great time!
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