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Thread: SR2013 in Hotlanta

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2013-06-12 15:18:37
Originally Posted by 95g
Originally Posted by cavern
She was continuing on to South Carolina and I was heading to Kansas City, KS for work, between both of us we have about a months work of clothes, equipment (work related) and so on, so we felt more comfortable having an eye on it. If someone else had or wanted to park there we definitely would have moved it, but when we asked hotel staff they advised it was right next to a camera and they could keep an eye on it as well.

Oh heck Jon, I never heard back from you regarding my place. Would have let y'all stay with me OR at least store your belongings there...

Originally Posted by LOUROK
Originally Posted by 95g
---- was that your Subaru SUV running 14@100mph?

Yes I was hoping for 13.5 or better since I ran those same times when I had the stock turbo. The humity didn't help and my car was making a boost leak sound.

Gosh Damn, that's FAST for an SUV. Had no idea those Subaru's were that quick. When I first saw you run, I was thinking an SUV, really? I saw the 60' time and said to myself, yup, 16's...then to my amazement that SUV took off like a rocket. Hell, I kinda wish I had one vs the Suburban...though I sometimes tow 8000 lbs with the Burb...and I kinda need that towing capacity. :\

Originally Posted by Russell
Originally Posted by 95g
I want to personally reach out and thank Joe and the others for organizing these events in Atlanta. A lot of time, effort and money went into getting everything in order. Thank you.
Had an absolute blast on the Dawsonville track...I live in Suwanee and never new this track existed. Bummer I sold all my fast and worthy vehicles, however, after participating at the track day with the 'loaner' Ford Mustang, I'm on the lookout for something fun. Hope to see everyone again next year....yes, even the haters that bashed on my "bone stock - paper plate" 2013 Accord 4 cyl auto running a 15.9 @ 90. Guys, we are here to have fun, not disrespecting members rides.

Thanks again Joe.....!!!

Brian, It was fun running against you in my race car. I won one, and you won one! Good times for sure! I ended up with a best of 15.5 @ 88.75, so we were pretty evenly matched.

YES, a definitely blast. Your times were very consistent! Shows that you know how to drive a car!!!
Can't wait for next year's event. Forgot how fun this was, the last one I was at was Savannah in 2009.
See y'all then for 2014

Thanks Man I'm glad someone noticed I just did the turbo swap 2-3 weeks ago (09 wrx vf52 turbo pretty much the same size as an sti turbo) and its an auto. Thats what I like about it, most people are like WTF when I take off.

Here a link to my build
2010 FXT Dyno at AMS - Page 6 - Subaru Forester Owners Forum
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2013-06-13 20:10:26
Here's a quick vid of myselfs giving @hammerin hank a car lenght

2013-06-13 21:33:32
Originally Posted by LOUROK
Here's a quick vid of myselfs giving @hammerin hank a car lenght

3 lengths and you disconnect the rear diff.....
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2013-06-19 02:37:01
I just wanted to say that I had a blast at this year's convention and it was, as always, great to see everyone again! And a huge thanks to everyone who helped put my clutch in (yes, that was my car ) but I can't wait for next year and to see you all again!
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