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Thread: How can Ashton afford a 10-second SE-R hobby?

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2012-06-11 15:27:58
Ive worked as a contractor for a long time now and my last job and current job didnt care that my hair was long. I always had it well kept and kept my facial hair decent. I still had to look presentable. Its just a preference and I like my hair long. I look hideous with short hair and cant stand it.

My wife loves my long hair as well. When I was overseas, I went 16 months without a haircut other than trims to keep it out of my face but the back was long as hell. Well past my shoulders.
2012-06-11 15:33:41
My brother was a contractor for 3 years in Iraq. Almost went over there myself.
2012-06-11 17:28:24
Originally Posted by MCarp22
So would that make his Sentra "Tugger" now?

Makin Movies, Racin Sentras, and Fightin 'Round the World!

2012-06-14 04:05:17
Ashton, nice to have met you at the convention.. I was wondering, can you paste what all you have done to the car here? I'm really interested, surely you must have a file somewhere where you have all the engine mods
2012-06-14 04:31:32
SR20VE Block Sleeved and stepped deck done by mazworx. 86mm bore, 1/2" headstuds
SR20DE Crank, cleaned and micropolished
SR20VE Head w/ mild portwork and port matching on both sides, stock valves, drilled for larger studs, Supertech 130 lb Springs and Titanium Retainers, Supertech valve seals
SR16VE N1 cams
Custom Crower Billet Steel I-beam rods using 19mm gtir rod bearings
CP SR20VE pistons, 86mm 9:1, w/ upgraded tool steel wrist pins and clips
ACL Race 5 hole main bearings, Std size, non coated
ACL Race GTIR 19mm Rod bearings, Std size, non coated
SR20VET headgasket, drilled for larger studs
Mazworx 1/2 headstuds
SR20VE oil pump, pickup tube, spacer and pulley
Custom BMC Race intake manifold, flanged for Q45 TB
DOC Race T4 equal length tubular manifold
JGS 50mm wastegate
ID2000 Injectors (honda B-series)
GE Pro Series Fuel Rail (honda B-series)
-10 feed line from sumped tank
Weldon 1100-A fuel pump
Weldon -10 fuel filter
-8 return
Weldon 0-200psi regulator
Borg Warner S400SX Billet 67mm w/ 1.10 T4 turbine housing
3" hot and cold side piping
32X12X4 ebay intercooler (bar and plate)
Tial Q 50mm bov (version 2)
T1 Backpressure buffer kit w/ AEM 0-35psi gauge
AEM EMS Series 1
AEM 5 bar map sensor
AEM 0-100psi fuel pressure gauge
AEM wideband
AEM EGT sensor tied into the EMS
Custom made Mil-spec quick disconnect engine harness/wire tuck (done by me)
Autometer 0-100psi electronic oil pressure gauge
-16 an upper coolant hose
Mezier electric wp
Flexalite 1250 cfm slim fan
civic 3 core half width radiator

04 Spec V 6 speed gearbox mated to p12 bellhousing
Competition Clutch 6 speed swap Twin Disk clutch
Stock Spec V axles w/ OEM B13 outer joints mated
Mazworx 6 speed swap mount kit
K-Sport coilover suspension
ES bushings all around
Prothane motor mounts
Racing Hart Cybers done in bronze and matte black
Weld Racing 13X8 drag wheels done in bronze and matte black, 24X9X13 m/t mounted w/ wheel screws
NRG Bucket seat w/ G-Force 5 point harness
Evo 8 passenger seat
6 speed shifter box

Im sure im forgetting stuff
2012-06-14 19:31:35
man, your car is freaking sick!!!
2012-06-14 22:46:57
Thumbs up Ashton. Wish I could have made it to the convention, definitely would have sought you out and shook your hand. You got style and went out and built your dream in spite of the doubts from a few. That takes balls. Support from the wife definitely a huge plus. You have my respect and then some, long hair and all. Way to represent what the forum is all about.
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