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Thread: Convention = Passion...

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2012-06-08 00:01:34
Originally Posted by Cliff
Honestly, for those that didn't attend...

I sincerely hope they plan ahead and attempt to go next year. They'll be missing out on something that they'll never grasp on the forum behind a computer screen.

I was in with this one when it was announced for Jersey, but once it moved to Ohio in combination with the time frame it was no longer doable for me. So last weekend I felt like I was in high school again and all my buddies were going to THE party of the year and I couldn't go. Then of course all the threads, posts, pics and vids this week. It's like I missed a family reunion I actully WANTED to attend.

I talked to the wife about it last night and she urged me to go to the next one. Here's hoping that it's within the bounds of reality for me.
2012-06-08 00:07:25
Amen to Ameen! It's still new to me thinking of a 96 200sx to be life changing, but I've met and became friends with way too many good people due to this car that I can't deny it.
2012-06-08 00:25:41
The camaraderie, friendship and fun that is experienced at a Convention is damn near impossible to convey through mere words.

However, Ameen's very articulate and eloquent prose did a damn good job.

You guys that missed it were not missed because we were too busy.

But you are damn sure invited to join us next year.

Shawn B
2012-06-08 00:33:50
Well put Meeners.

My 1st and only convention so far has been Savanna. Since then things have'nt been on my side and whenever the convention comes around it doesnt work for me. Honestly 2013 just might be my reunion to get back on course and make a convention. To anybody who hasnt gone, you have no idea what you're missing...
2012-06-08 01:12:23
I'll be totally honest. I feel like I was just de-virginized. All I keep thinking about is the convention and how much fun it was. The people were awesome, everyone had good things to say. The track was tons of fun but I had just as much fun, if not more chilling and watching everyone run after my car broke. Like I mentioned in another thread Xavier was even cool enough to let me borrow his seat belt, and even did the work pulling it for me. Watching everyone pitch in to change out that axle was something to see also. The only awkward moment that I had was when I first got there and didn't really know who anyone was. That ended very quickly as Eric kicked my ass in beer pong! As soon as someone says their s/n or which car is theirs it's like "Oh yea, I know you!" It was awesome to actually put faces with names. I can't wait to do it again next year and talk to the people that I didn't really get the chance to.
2012-06-08 01:13:52
i was trying to explain this to the guys at work today and was having a hard time explaining. i may just print this out and have them read it. its hard to describe
2012-06-08 01:15:56
It was nice to meet you Matt, and finally get a pronunciation of your screen name. The "E-B" is silent people!
2012-06-08 01:18:53
Originally Posted by BenFenner
It was nice to meet you Matt, and finally get a pronunciation of your screen name. The "E-B" is silent people!

Likewise Ben, I wish I had more of a chance to talk to you. I was kind of rushed trying to get things together at the track. I didn't mean to brush anyone off if I came off that way, I was stressed trying to get down the strip!
2012-06-08 01:22:13
Maybe I should just change my screen name to Matt...
2012-06-08 01:35:20
Originally Posted by nsusammyeb
Maybe I should just change my screen name to Matt...

how about

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