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Thread: The Hank Thread

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2012-06-07 12:18:10
The Hank Thread
Well, I made it home safe and sound. After 2 long days at work, I guess I've had enough time to digest this year's convention. All the way from first roll out with Mark Schoenholz (Fatboy SE-R), Thurs morning, to breaking off the PA turnpike exit and texting Mark goodbye on Mon night. I gotta say it was exhausting, but damn I had fun.

First and foremost, I have to thank Rob (SE-Rican) and Lou (Lourok) for going way past the call of duty as convention organizers. I also want to say a special thanks to Rob's wife and her family for sharing the 103rd with us and busting their asses getting everything prepared so wonderfully. Thank you! Thank you!

I also want to thank Mark Schoenholz for being our taxi driver at the event and my wingman for the long journey to and fro. Thanks bud! Cliff gets a thanks for the longest Crown Royal run in history, as well as, a fun Walmart/movie expedition. Thanks for driving Cliff!

I remember Rob (SE-Rican) saying he overheard someone say that the convention changed their life. Who ever said that was not exaggerating. This was my 3rd convention and every year it has gotten better than the last. This year I really felt comfortable with the folks around me. What I saw was people from all walks of life getting together to celebrate their silly little (for some big) obsessions with SR20's and to revel in the fact that the people around you get it. You didn't have to explain anything. I think that's why it feels like family. It's nice to know you're not alone in the craziness of it all. I heard someone say that if it wasn't for the convention they would have sold their little bucket years ago. That says a lot.

The other thing that was real apparent was the diversity of our group. Jay (eggman), ShawnB and I had a conversation Sun night and were laughing our asses off at what the hotel staff and the other guests must be thinking as to why we were all together as a group. Black, white, latino, indian, old n gray, young, male, female, straight, gay, father/son, father/daughter, mother/daughter, yuppie, urban gangster, viking, rural hay seed and everything in between. It must have been baffling to figure out from the outside looking in. The cool part is we just see each other as fellow SR heads. What other group, let alone a car club, has that kind of mix of people? It's pretty special, if you ask me.

Enough with the sappy stuff. Here's some videos and pictures for your viewing pleasure:

This was a test video to see how my iphone does. Not bad, excuse the shaky hand, I'm getting old.
Good ole american muscle:

This one of many of Jamie's runs. I believe it was low 12's:

Mark Schoenholz's attempt at the 100mph club. It ended badly.
(The music was playing over the pa, I didn't dub it in...pretty funny)

I'm not sure who this is. Sounds badass:

Originally Posted by Viprdude

The last video looks like Mike (Stang G20s P10) high comp-VE spraying down the track, sucker was out!

Last edited by hammerin hank on 2012-06-07 at 18-56-12.
2012-06-07 12:27:20
Misc pictures:

After we met up in White Haven PA, Mark's car and Chriscar tooling down the road. Pretty much the view most of the way to Ohio

Arrival @ the Hyatt. Manny, Viprdude and his father, Tomas:

Wheelz super clean G:

Thurs night Meet N' Greet:

Our newest award winning member (Kristen) in the foreground:

Rob and Lou starting the meeting:

Track Day driver's meeting (extremely OG instructor, Reed showing us the track layout. You could tell this guy has seen it all):

Rain? what rain?:

Misc shot of the paddock. Thank God for the covered tech garage.

Panorama view of the paddock. Awesome turnout:

Ameen (Meeners), AKA the Mud Slinger, displaying track poopie on his shirt:

Dinner @ Buckeye Beer Engine (the food was great). Lots of OG at this one:

Walmart adventure. It was cold as a witch that day. We needed clothes. Nathan holding up a classic sweat. I laughed the whole time there:

Meener with a weener shirt, Walmart's finest poly:

Arrival @ Dragway 42:

Show girls lining up to do high kicks:

Trailer guys. Getting ready to get the snapped axle spline out of the Smurf's driver's side. That didn't go to well.

Mazworx and Ashton doing their thing:

Serious bidness:

The smurf after surgery. Still wounded but did passes anyway. She's tougher than she looks:

Tennis anyone? This is what happens when you get full blown SR crackhead disease without intervention:

The picnic:

Rob's show piece, wow!:

Random fun on the swing set. Sarah, Cody and Wes re-living playground memories. Ralph and his son enjoying the beautiful day by the lake:

Stars of the show:

Last edited by hammerin hank on 2012-06-07 at 13-24-46.
2012-06-07 12:47:22

Hank pulls all the ladies!!!
2012-06-07 12:49:17
i couldn't have said it better myself and its true i didn't care about color race creed neither did anyone else we had a blast at the end of the day we were all 10yr old kids just having fun
2012-06-07 12:54:55
Thank you Hank... Thank you!!!
2012-06-07 13:06:58
Originally Posted by marksr20

Hank pulls all the ladies!!!
His new name is Chester.

2012-06-07 13:24:12
Hey Hank, thanks for the pictures!

The last video looks like Mike (Stang G20s P10) high comp-VE spraying down the track, sucker was out!
2012-06-07 15:13:18
Originally Posted by Chriscar
His new name is Chester.


I don't know who is thinking about molesting whom, Kimme is obviously checking out Hanks sexy legs.
2012-06-07 16:52:11
Originally Posted by Chriscar
His new name is Chester.


Originally Posted by Shawn

I don't know who is thinking about molesting whom, Kimme is obviously checking out Hanks sexy legs.

2012-06-07 17:24:53
It was nice meeting you formally Hank! Beer engine was tasty and the Kasteel Rouge went down nicely! That was a rather OG set of peeps at the table!
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