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Thread: So where is next year?

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2012-06-15 02:59:20
Originally Posted by MCarp22
Brainerd Optimist near Chattanooga is a nonsanctioned 1/8th mile with a 1/3 mile clay oval next door. Brainerd Optimist Dragway - Information

Did somebody say circle track? WIN!
2012-06-15 03:19:39
Originally Posted by MCarp22
You're looking at the one in Minnesota.

Brainerd Optimist near Chattanooga is a nonsanctioned 1/8th mile with a 1/3 mile clay oval next door. Brainerd Optimist Dragway - Information

Wow... Good catch. it says chattanooga on the google search. Shitty
2012-06-15 03:28:31
Brainerd is a really good track. NHRA drag strip and road course is pretty good as well. But like you said it is too far northwest.
2012-06-15 11:52:08
Drive Bluegrass.com l Contact Us l Location

How about that? And it's not far at all from:

2012-06-15 12:17:18
Is that road course even operational yet?

2012-06-15 12:20:24
As far as I know. It was supposed to be finished back in like 2009. 99.9% sure it's open. I contacted them to get a price for track rental...I'm sure it's outrageous.
2012-06-15 12:21:52
Yeah, in the 10 minutes I spent browsing through the website, and then searching on Google, I couldn't find any reference to current activity.

2012-06-15 12:24:48
I'll know something later today hopefully. Then again if they're slow maybe we can get it cheap! lmao
2012-06-15 12:34:04
Originally Posted by Chriscar
Is that road course even operational yet?


I don't think so. From what I've read, they've had legal issues, EPA issues, money issues etc. etc. Even if it was up and running, my guess is the cost of admission is going to blow us out of the water.
2012-06-15 14:09:28
Originally Posted by Cliff
What matters is what everyone responds with in the questionnaire. If we have 85% of the respondents state they're willing to travel >1200 miles, then we'll look further west. As of right now, the majority of folks that responded have no interest in anything over 1200 miles.

Agreed with the majority.

Granted I had no additional drivers to share the wheel, and I'm getting old. However, I can assure you that two (2) back-to-back 551-mile days is a bitch. Let alone 600+ mile days back-to-back. Those last 100-miles each day being the worst, when you've already been on the road for 7-8 hours. Uhhggg. And I am in the fortunate position where I can take as much travel time as I like. Most folks would have to be asking for additional days off, just to have enough time to drive that distance.

In the future, as stated on the Questionnaire, anything over 900-1,000 miles one-way, and I am flying.

Under 1,000-miles is still two (2) reasonably tolerable days of driving solo, or a banzai run straight-through for youngsters trading the wheel and sleeping in the passenger seat.


Originally Posted by OptimumSE-R
Cliff. We had this talk already about west coast conventions. This past convention only Sergio and I came out from anything considered west coast. Guess what? I don't even own a b- chasis anymore. All these "Cali" posts should be deleted. We all know who's really coming from the west next year again. Driving, Towing, Flying, Train, I'll find a way to get there.

Now for these Cali kids, Like Gomba pointed out, a few of us are gonna see about organizing something out this way. sr20Minivention. Let's see if you can prove to us why the west should be considered again.

Raul, laying down the truth with authority and some heat.

Much respect sir.

Originally Posted by shingouki1
Us OG Cali sr20 people (you know who you are) remember the Oxnard meets. But the organization and permits needed for that are a pain to get. Let alone the cost of it especially with all the freeloaders that would show up just to eat and leave (you know who you are too).

Damn, you Cali OG's dropping the smack-down. Bravo my good man.

sr20Minivention as Optimum stated. Have a test-run. Maybe the freeloaders could put their money, time, and enthusiasm where there mouths are? ......
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