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Thread: So where is next year?

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2012-06-06 21:00:16
Originally Posted by Viprdude
I have tried emailing Summit Point on Sunday evening and they have not replied. Next week, I will call them. I understand a committee or something is being setup but any news is helpful.

Send me information that you get. Yes there is a committee... and somehow I am on it.
2012-06-06 21:01:38
Originally Posted by wes
I really like the idea of a Milwaukee Based Convention as you have Blackhawk Farms within an hour and a half, and great lakes dragaway within an hour. Milwaukee also has a lot of things to do by the lake, brewery tours, et al. Hell people could drive to Chicago from Milwaukee in a little over an hour.

The major hurdle is location as it does start to become a long haul for a lot of people. I am worried with Ohio being this year MKE might need to be in 2 years to keep it spread out... granted I am fully up for the challenge of planning the event and have even begun track discussions just to have finite details in the event it proves to be a viable location.

It will be added to THE list.

It would be a longer drive for >90% of attendees, but doesn't completely rule it out.
2012-06-06 21:02:09
Originally Posted by BenFenner
I will say one thing. It won't be an issue to convince Katie that we need to take some time off and drive to the next one. She is fully on board now and is really glad to have met so many nice people.

My girlfriend said the same thing. She was at last years (although the guys I caravan'd up with are the only ones that really believe me since she was a hermit and stayed in the hotel room almost the ENTIRE time)

This year, she missed me, I missed her. She does not like cars as much as I but she fully supports my filthy habit and bless her for that.

When Rob got teared up talking about his wife, I did the same thinking about my woman in my life. Never once has she bitched about my habit and I.

Better than smoking crack, that is how I feel!
2012-06-06 21:02:28
Originally Posted by BenFenner
... is really glad to have met so many nice people.

Thanks for leaving me out
2012-06-06 21:23:41
Originally Posted by wnwright
It will be added to THE list.

It would be a longer drive for >90% of attendees, but doesn't completely rule it out.

Thanks. I also sent Rob a PM so he has some basics. Once I have finite information I will present it to you guys in a logical format.
2012-06-06 21:37:34
Originally Posted by LOUROK
this year is was only 5 hours from your house

my tird boy was jusy born 6/1/12....i woulda had a hell ofa time convincing the wife
Originally Posted by Cesardrgn
you should of made it! it was a freaking blast and a half!

i know sure looked kick ass..i would have been one of how many nxs??lol
2012-06-06 21:52:53
Originally Posted by Wheelz
yo if Shawn b can drive a million miles and make it the guy that complains for 5 or 6hrs of driving nobody really cares i drove 13 hrs to Georgia almost 8 hrs to Ohio and ide do it all over again hands down

Right on.

Let's see about the last three (3) Conventions in a row....

5-6 hours was one-quarter (1/4) of my 2,200 mile round-trip to Ohio. 1,102 miles from Robs door to mine. LOL.

Connecticut was going to be 1,500 miles one way. I made it a quarter way driving, hauling the Classic, threw up, slept overnight, drove home. Then flew to that hoe-down.

Savanah was 968 miles, 1,938 miles round-trip. Over 15 hours, one way. I picked up my Classic from the Restoration that morning, packed, and took off solo for a...ahem...short 2,000+ mile shake-down run and track session.

Without any questions nor reservation, worth every single mile, hour, and dollar spent.

5-6 hours?!? Pfffffffff......that ain't no mountain for a climber.

Originally Posted by happynole
Agreed up to a point. Those of us who track on a regular basis know that $100 is an incredible deal, and the $130 we were originally quoted would have been as well. We know that $250 is a normal price for a day on track. We want to open up what we experience to as many people as possible, so we need to cap at $200 max and the closer to $150 we can get the better.

I "liked" Kyles post (still do), but understand your point as well. The more guys that experience the road course, the better.

One trip to Nelson Ledges and I think we got Mr. Hardcore Quarter-Mile Former-Street-Racer Manny pondering going around curves instead of only seeing just how fast he can go in a straight line. He might have to upgrade his brakes and suspension as he builds his current turbo-car. Then he could effectively do both.

Last edited by Shawn B on 2012-06-06 at 21-57-53.
2012-06-06 21:55:11
4 I think! ahah
2012-06-06 21:58:11
Originally Posted by Shawn
5-6 hours?!? Pfffffffff......that ain't no mountain for a climber.

Keep in mind, in the northeast you can drive 5-6 hours and cross like 15 states. 5-6 hours is about how long it takes to get to the end of your driveway if you live in TX.
2012-06-06 22:05:26
He lives in LA. Not TX.
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