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Thread: So where is next year?

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2012-06-06 02:58:14
Since most show up from the NE and south, I think a spot in between should be it.

Awww shittt someone say Atco raceway? Aaaaaaaaooooooooooo
2012-06-06 03:08:51
I hope not. That's to close to home.
2012-06-06 03:16:10
Originally Posted by Chris101
What do you guys think of a location like Gateway in St. Louis Area (roadcourse and drag strip in the same location)

St. Louis would work fell for me, got a place to crash and wife can spend time with her friends while I'm partying SR20 style

Originally Posted by MCarp22
I'm going to vote again for summit point. It's 10-11 hours from atlanta, chicago, nashville and boston. I don't think you can get much more centrally located.

This place is a Geographical Anomaly! 10 hours from anywhere!


I would love for it to be at Summit point, if I go there this summer I'll try to get some videos so people can see the track.
2012-06-06 03:32:26
Originally Posted by SE-Rican
The Convention is a SR20 Convention... Leave the Honda's out of it.

Like mentioned so many people have great ideas but, very few will step up to the plate. With the commitee we are putting together I know hands down we will pick the best option for us that will promote the cause. Standby for the decision.

like i said, i would love to help out planning next years convention...i am in 100% if needed

Originally Posted by Manny
I hope not. That's to close to home.

aaawwww come on, i thought you loved that place
2012-06-06 03:40:15
Lol I do like it here. But I would like to see other places for a convention,only so much you can do around here.
2012-06-06 16:44:42
Originally Posted by Rob
it was done in vegas a few years ago, and no one from cali showed up. i dont think its ever going to be on the west coast again....

I could do a vegas trip, just wish i didnt have to sell my sr20 b14, could still make it out there with me lad rover though, lol
2012-06-06 16:47:35
Originally Posted by Racerx04
I could do a vegas trip

I like the Vegas idea because the tickets are cheap from pretty much anywhere..... for those that have to fly.
2012-06-06 17:25:49
I like hearing the input from the road racers. I'm sure booking the track (at a good price) is a major thing. So, that should be first priority, imo.

Plus, the road race guys know the best tracks, and hidden gems.
2012-06-06 17:37:20
Just to burst your guys bubble, its not gonna be on the west coast. The last three on that side were a bust........
2012-06-06 17:42:28
we all have places that we want the convention to be but at the end of the day it all boils down to who is willing to step up to the plate and take responsibility and say we will do it and not just say it but actually do it and not bail last min it just turns out the past few have been held on the east due to the fact people have stepped up and ran with it so don't be upset if its not near you be upset that the sr20 guys cant get their heads together and do something great
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