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Thread: Convention Build Status

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2012-05-23 20:50:06
Originally Posted by ny5speed
Haha... almost... that was just one round of rubbing compound, still needs a polishing compound and wax. I really hate detailing lol.

I hate detailing also.

However, my Classic is looking pretty good right now. I washed it yesterday, big time. Then washed it again this morning. After that, I used the Meguires 3-part system. Except I added an extra step. Paint Cleaner, then I did a Meguires clay bar, then Polish, and next is the Wax. It is sitting in my shed right now until the sun starts to drop. Too damn hot out there, and I needed a break.

I'll wax the crap out of it this evening and take some pics in the morning.

One other thing I should mention is for chip-cover on KH3 black cars, or on the black windshield wiper arms of any B13. Sharpie Fine Point Black Paint Pen. After the Paint Cleaner, I went around the whole car and touched, dabbed, any chips where the primer was visible. Including on my windshield wiper arms. It is very easy, much easier than a damn touch-up paint bottle with that little brush. Worked like a charm, from 5-feet those chips are virtually invisible.


Nearly ready. Gotta touch up the interior and clean up the bay.
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2012-05-25 01:08:07
WOW. that is one hell of a paint job or wax job / both
2012-05-25 01:18:40
looking good shawn. I keep chewing up VR sensors with my trigger wheel, $30 a pop is getting expensive.
2012-05-25 01:57:40
Shawn, the call looks amazing and brand new!
2012-05-25 03:15:11
Originally Posted by Vadim
Shawn, the call looks amazing and brand new!

What about the car?
2012-05-25 03:16:49
Originally Posted by wnwright
What about the car?

Who needs a car in Vegas?
2012-05-25 03:28:07
Originally Posted by Keo
Who needs a car in Vegas?

Well you want a call girl there. So true.
2012-05-25 05:38:06
Car looks great Shawn!
2012-05-25 06:02:46
2012-05-25 07:48:50
Very sexy Shawn,

My car is pretty much ready for the Convention. Just gotta make my Catch Can and overflow.
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