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Thread: 2012 Ohio Convention Swap Meet

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2012-04-21 16:24:48
2012 Ohio Convention Swap Meet
I have accumulated quite a pile-o-parts that could be transported with me to Ohio in my Tahoe.

Wondering if anybody else will be bringing parts for sale or trade?

(1) AGX's, full set. MagooLC1 has first dibs, I still need to figure out if they are fully functional and working correctly. If he takes them great, otherwise they will be for sale (pending thorough checking for functionality).

(1) Hypercoil Gen II springs, full set. From a GB in 2004 or 2005, still in excellent pre-owned shape. I replaced them with a brand-new set of Hypercos just for grins and giggles when I upgraded to CSK's (that saga continues....). Hypercoils do NOT wear out, ever, per Rick Crist and Hyperco.

(1) Vibrant Stealth Black muffler - 2.5" and out. BNIB.

(1) pair of CSK's. Fronts, B15 Spec V Yellow inserts. IF Will can build me another one in time, and Truechoice fixes two of mine, I should have a full set of fronts for sale with basically zero miles on them (Gumby510 has first dibs per PM). See my Members Ride thread if you want details on why the hell I have so many brand-new CSK's floating around.

(1) pair of front B13 Koni Reds BNIB - I have the Red Rears on my Classic. My fronts (both pairs, LOL) are the Yellows, and this might be the last pair of B13 Red Fronts BNIB in existence. Would be perfect to build CSK's for use with Hypercos or Road Magnet springs (AGX's in the rear, and you are good to go on a budget, you cannot shorten the rears anyways). The Reds are not externally adjustable while on the vehicle.

(1) Seibon CF Hood - From the Fontana GB. BNIB, unwrapped, checked, re-boxed in the original box and packing material. I bought two (2) hoods and trunk and only have one B13. SOLD

(1) Complete MDM Tsuru headlights - With all peripherals, grill, and whatnot. Peripherals BNIB. The headlights are right off my Classic, which I replaced with custom Tsuru HID's.

Anybody else interested in trades, cash, or a big-ol' fleamarket buy, swap and trade at the Convention?
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2012-04-21 18:05:26
Good idea I'm sure there will be others looking to buy and sell
2012-04-21 20:41:39
I was planning on bringing some odd and end things with me as well...
2012-04-21 20:56:44
id love to bring some of my stuff along, but im driving the nx and would rather not have a hatch filled with stuff.

but its deff a good idea.

2012-04-21 21:56:09
ill fill my truck up with many parts, lol...they do call me a hoarder lmao
2012-04-21 22:26:10
Ill probably bring some parts i have laying around if anyone needs anything. Ive got a crap ton of intercooler piping, my 31X12X4 intercooler, Ve parts, A set of used Eagle rods (perfect shape) will come with some det 8.5:1 86.5mm CP's at no extra charge being i dont want to take them off and two have slight dings on it from spark plug ground straps bouncing around. If I get my Evo 8 recaros mounted up in time ill bring my NRG bucket seat (one of the most comfortable non reclinable bucket seats i have sat in and already comes mounted on se-r rail)

Let me know if anyone wants dibs.
2012-04-22 10:36:01
Hey Ashton pm a price for the eagle rods and cp's def interested. Maybe you can give me some tips when your here on different things about vet as I'm planning to close mine up as soon as I get more parts for it. Thanks.
2012-04-22 14:05:59
I'm down for a swap meet. I planned on packing the truck up with a bunch if extra parts anyway.

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2012-04-22 14:14:08
I'm going to be bringing some transmissions.lol
2012-04-22 14:23:37
Originally Posted by THATDUDE
I'm going to be bringing some transmissions.lol

Lol great idea! I'm sure someone will break theirs at the road course or drag strip!
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