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Thread: Grudge race-list

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2012-04-01 19:36:42
Next weekend shit will get real in Ohio....
2012-04-01 20:04:11
Here is some pics of the car all cleaned up by my wife and daughter and moved from storage to the garage of our new house.

And here is a teaser pic of just how big the S400SX billet 67mm turbo is sitting on top of the bottom end of my last motor.

Cant wait to get home. 33 more days until im home and back with my family and can get started on the madness brewing in the garage.
2012-04-01 20:10:13
You forgot the part where I let you watch me on skype the whole time I was washing it.. MUAH
2012-04-01 20:27:01
^ vids and pics or it didnt happen ! jk looks good ashton
2012-04-01 20:27:46
Originally Posted by SE-Rican
Next weekend shit will get real in Ohio....

Hell yeah. Big turbo VE-T will be in the engine bay of that beast....

....still sitting on jackstands!

I had to!
2012-04-01 20:30:01
BTW, Ashton. Get a Stillen lip man. It will clean up the front end nicely. You can chop off the bottom half of that bumper and the stillen should clear the piping and IC. Just my $.02!
2012-04-01 23:46:43
Getting a new stock front bumper and painting to match. Ill trim out for the opening for the intercooler of course but the bottom lip will remain. With the new dual backdoor intercooler the bumper will fit perfectly fine with some trimming of course because i can have it all the way up on the lower support and going up into the grill area. Should allow much more clearance and yeah I hate my front bumper. With the bottom lip gone its soo flimsy.
2012-04-01 23:51:10
Cool. Thats the only thing I can say I dislike about the car. Once the new bumper is on and fit properly it should look fresh man.
2012-04-01 23:52:15
Originally Posted by Shannons
You forgot the part where I let you watch me on skype the whole time I was washing it.. MUAH

Still looks dirty to me
2012-04-01 23:55:56
lol, Well if you saw how much dirt was on it before its much better.

Yeah im also gonna try to get my grille on as well but we will see.
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