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Thread: Grudge race-list

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2011-12-26 21:23:10
Grudge race-list
keep it simple, post who you want to race ...this way when it comes down to it, you can't back out also include a reason(as much shit talking as possible)

ill start
ashton-cause you talk about your fucking shitbox too much, and you think you're god lol
boostednx(cause you want to, and keep saying you're going to smoke me)
2jracing-my purple NA car vs turdbox QR na car

ill keep a running list too
1.bes(nismo94tuner) vs rob(se-rican)/cory
2.vadim/cliff(tekkie)/pete(classicaddict) vs keo
3.ashton vs dave_sr20/kevwal...or should we just say "ashton vs the east coast"
4.cory vs Rocco(mr_sentra_specv)/Rob(se-rican)
5.Jamie(NA) vs. FATON(Boost)
6.BES vs osogreen(more like "osobrown" like the shitstains in his draws)

when it gets closer i will create a much better list
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2011-12-26 21:26:26
i think you should also write a reason on why you want to race that certain person, (adds fuel to the fire)
2011-12-26 21:39:58
Originally Posted by kaotekxe
i think you should also write a reason on why you want to race that certain person, (adds fuel to the fire)

yes, definately
2011-12-26 22:05:20
Rob: Just cause he's an OG and I feel like being a young one to crack that classics ass.

Any other all motor car, so I can squeeze and peace!
2011-12-26 22:05:46
1: Vadim cause he's a punk vs B15
2: Cliff cause he's a bigger punk vs Pulsar
3: Pete aka Classicaddict cause he's a douche vs Pulsar

or all 3 can try to race my Taco!
2011-12-27 00:44:01
Chap i fyou can maintain the list that would be cool.

My run with Bes will be epic. I may have the toss the hazards on LOL
2011-12-27 01:04:35
I refuse. I may have to add a second stage of nitrous in just in case you start rolling after the 1/8th
2011-12-27 01:17:28
Definitely chap gets first run: because he thinks 2.2L owns 2.0L
Dave_SR20: full out drag car vs semi-street car
Kevwal: Another full out drag car with some history behind it that I would love to run.

Anyone else who thinks the East coast Ownz the West Coast that has something to offer. Bring it on.
2011-12-27 01:25:47
your not west coast ashton you are dirty south
2011-12-27 01:37:49
Nah, Texas is still in the southwest section just like AZ and being I still had to travel from AZ to there, still representing the west.

Bring it on.

BTW morgan, id be happy to buy you a beer or two and a beer to anyone who beats me on the strip.
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