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Thread: 2012 Convention Info......... The Reunion!!

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2012-03-12 15:29:48
Originally Posted by Shawn
Jerry is a cool cat, he grabbed my extra bed at the 07 Convention. We definitely had the oldest average age of any roommates at the Convention.

I think he sold his black VE'd Classic.

^Yeah, Jerry sold his car.
2012-03-12 22:30:08
Joe doesn't post on here but he's the oldest guy i met with a boosted b13. I think he's pushin 70. He was at the CT convention in his Spec-v.
2012-03-12 22:46:16
Joe is caravaning with me in his B16 Spec-V. His turbo B13 is still alive and well.

2012-03-12 23:23:49
yeah chris i spoke to joe not to long ago, he said he wasnt going. good to hear hes gonna come to this one.

i just hope this ride isnt to uncomfortable.

i sat in my nx for about a 2 hours driving around the other day and my back started to hurt. these cars arent as comfy as i remember or im just getting to old for these tin cans. maybe its time for a better seat then the oem one with 130k on it.

2012-03-12 23:28:48
Originally Posted by STRATTON
im just getting to old for these tin cans.

Damn youngster.
2012-03-12 23:29:49
Say what?? In 2009 i drove half way to California and then back the next day (28 hours of driving) and my back was fine

Oh wait, SE-R seats > NX seats..
2012-03-12 23:32:07
Lol, speaking of age, my dad is 69 and he will be 70 at the end of June this year and he still wrenches. That is devotion. That and a resting heart rate of 58 BPM helps.....

I try weekly to get him to commit but I have not broken him yet.
2012-03-13 00:02:21
straton clear u mail box plz
2012-03-13 00:48:49
Originally Posted by vqman
i want to bring my G35 and my SE-R, so that I can run both on the track.. i just don't see who is going to drive the G to Cleveland for me..

If you drive the G to central PA I'll drive back with you then back to your house, then you can drive your other car to the convention and I'll drive the G. Then I can drive the G back to central PA and you can drive it back.

2012-03-13 02:31:35

I will bring a walker for you in case your back gets sore from the ride

You know how we do man just caravan out with the CT crew... the ride there is almost as fun as the actual convention.
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