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Thread: 2010 Nissan Nat'l Convention pics and vids, for real this time?

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2010-06-07 17:08:39
2010 Nissan Nat'l Convention pics and vids, for real this time?
Can I try this again?

No hurry. Lord knows I take my sweet time uploading events after being worn out by a car event of any kind.

I have nothing but admiration for those that put in HUMONGOUS effort to make it out and run and participate in the Convention.

It'd just be a shame to not have a pics and vids thread!!!!

I humbly humbly humbly request...No commentary, just pics and vids please!

2010-06-07 19:31:35
Here is my favorite video so far.

YouTube - Nissan 240sx Rally Jump

Ian's rally-cross beast

2010-06-07 19:55:22

2010-06-07 20:13:50
Just got home. 1600 miles, 24hrs. I'll post mine in 3 days
2010-06-07 20:31:22
Here's my crappy phone pics, because I forgot my camera.

Very nicely built car.
(insert Ludacris: Move Bitch song here)
that b14 passing the rental Cube LOL

Supercharged 2010 SS Camaro
I think the sedan G35 was keeping up with it.
There were 2 2010? Z06 Corvettes running laps on people.
^^ Don't deny it either.

My friends rusted s13. My gashed s14. And some guys pristine kouki.

I'm local to Omaha, I had fun with the little people that attended.
Wish it was bigger. Almost nobody local knew about it. I got about 3 people to come out, spreading the word. I think that played a big part here, lack of local advertising.

Favorite part was: everybody grubbing down on the ham/pork burgers, mostly because it helped with my hang over LOL.
2010-06-07 21:40:22
Here are mine, most of the car show. We had a pretty good time, the turn out was A LOT lower than expected, but the people we got to hang out with made up for most of it. Aside from a REALLY ****ty hang over on sat, it was a good time. It was cool meeting new people and I look forward to next years.

2010-06-07 22:54:20
That was a Lingenfelter Camaro BTW, and NO WAY was the G35 keeping pace with it!

As a detailer, that car show was painful to witness, a couple of brand new paint jobs ruined by buffer trails and insane holograms.

EDIT: Also, notice the finish on the 350Z, the owner would wipe it with quick detail spray everytime he parked it which resulted in that swirled, scratched up paint job. Quick detail spray does not equal car wash.
/end rant.
2010-06-07 23:13:11
Originally Posted by Big

2010-06-08 00:10:34
The GTiR was for sale from a dealership local to Council Bluffs, very odd.
2010-06-08 00:19:54
I rode in that SS camaro that guy can really drive he was a great guy. I hate i forgot his number. It was a great weekend guys.
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