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Thread: where is everyone?

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2010-06-06 05:44:26
My first convention, but I'm still having fun. Thanks goes to all who volunteered their time to organize and put this together. Next time I'll bring jeans and a car I can take on the track

Is the car show usually the last day? I was thinking maybe it should be the first so everyone can kind of meet each other and see/talk about the cars? IDK. Seems most people are off in their own groups.

2010-06-06 07:07:50
Oh hmm if it was in Saint Louis I would actually come, that way would just visit inlaws at the same time .

How likely will the convention actually be in Northeastern US next year? Way closer to home
2010-06-06 11:04:43
Ya very far this year, I hope the next one is closer so I can at least try to come out..

2010-06-06 11:20:49
Originally Posted by Vadim

How likely will the convention actually be in Northeastern US next year? Way closer to home

I'm pretty sure the Pocono/North Jersey location has been decided.....same as '06. It's just a matter of getting the right people to organize it....which is a big commitment on their part. On the plus side, there are a lot of Nissan people within a day's drive or less. That will definitely help with attendance.
2010-06-06 12:28:45
Oh HELL yeah! I had a BALL at the 06 Convention!!!
2010-06-06 13:08:15
I went on Friday and it seemed a bit light out there. I only stayed for a few hours and went back home(my drive is only 3 hours from there). At least I get to say I went to one!
2010-06-07 22:40:19
2005 in Austin had a great turn out..
2010-06-08 04:59:58
Originally Posted by Rob
i talked to one of my friends who flew in, he has been to almost every convention, this is the worse one he attended. no more conventions in the middle of no where! watch how huge the PA/NY/NJ will be next year...

Lots of talk from a guy who wouldn't even show up (and didn't lift a finger to help set it up).

I don't recall hearing that anyone didn't have a great time.

But if thinking it was the "worst" (not worse) one makes you feel better, then good on ya, mate.

Excuses are like... well, you know.
2010-06-08 16:31:04
^^Thank You

And yes , we had a GGRRRRRREAT time!!
2010-06-08 18:32:25
Originally Posted by happynole
^^Thank You

And yes , we had a GGRRRRRREAT time!!

AMEN guys. Had a blast. I said it before and I'll say it again. I go to conventions for the people 1st, the cars 2nd, and the location a very distant 3rd.....
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