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Thread: future of my 96

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2016-06-11 19:00:49
future of my 96
hey all. just looking for opinions as im getting ready to decide this cars fate. I have a 96 200sx se-r with about 240k miles. runs good until recently. Had the high pressure power steering line leak, i ordered one. the ac compressor just crapped out. its sitting on jack stands and im at a cross road. it has been good but for like the last 2 years has had a cel for iacv i cabt rid of. its showing the years both on the body and in the wiring and the body isnt where i want it. so i am considering getting a se-l and swapping over parts and just letting it go but i dont feel like thats a fair fate for it. how are you guys feeling when it comes to this. the only big issue i have had in eight years was a tranny failure due to bearings and i like the car. But a part of me misses that se-l i had and a part of me just doesnt have it in me to take the time to fix the body issues. just looking to fellow owners to get a opinion. im hoping to go look at a se-l next week but part of me feels i owe it to the se-r to finish it:-(
2016-06-11 19:20:37
I see similar thoughts and feelings about my own B14, I have some other cars I care for a lot more and feel vastly different but I see the parallels with my own B14.

One transmission, one axle, one water pump, alternator died (rebuilt, still using the rebuilt one), the hard brake lines rusted out a few years back (bending new ones was most tedious over the stupid gas tank), one front end collision (and along with that a Reconstructed title). One starter replacement (huge thanks to @Manny). A/C condensor began leaking a few years ago, sometimes during decel/coming to a stop I think a vacuum leak is causing a near stall. Recently, the engine began to burn about one quart of oil every 3k miles, power is down, the clutch is slipping to all hell, the brakes need some serious servicing, and the body is rusted to all hell. The shifter assembly needs serious attention. Probably about seventy drag racing passes made on this car and was always solid and reliable. Still starts, still runs, maintains a set of winter tires for slushing duties. Purchased with 106k miles, sitting at 245k miles, over thirteen years. So undecided what to do.

/end of my B14 thoughts.

So, yes, I would say there are some parallels there with your thoughts, @skeeter149
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2016-06-11 19:31:19
I've struggled over leaving all my SR powered cars behind, even my GA B13, albeit not quite as much. With each of them, including my last P10 which gave me headaches, it required much thought and contemplating. These are great cars and they're hard to let go of.
2016-06-11 19:37:12
thanks @Kyle i see what you mean. i have spent countless hour in the garage, dont get me wrong i loved it, but it still fights me. in 8 years i have done the starter twice, ac condenser and lines, clutch, flywheel, tires once lol, transmission, axles a couple time, radiator and just fixing various other things that werent right. it has been a joy to own but the dent in the rear i bought it with, the fact that the grill wont line up, the rust on the rear and the clear coat fail really have me asking where to go. i could fix it all and crash the nextr to day to get a check from insurance for what 1.5k max? its kinda like i wanna find a clean canvas and transfer all the good like lsd but it dont wanna pay 4500 plus. man it sucks so bad im looking at b15 qr25de spec v. trust me i know i lost my mind but i need to find a good foundation to start this time not think i can save one.

i think i wanna stay in a b14 but i need a better foundation. this car is just having the dumbest little issues i dont have time for or time to hunt i guess.
2016-06-11 20:44:04
well it looks like the decision for me is to buy a 99 se-l if i can find one and swap my goodies and tranny over and let the se-r go. if i cant find one i guess im stuck wit hit and will make do. off to se-l page......
2016-06-11 20:49:59
Do you live in the north? Asking because from what I've come across the SE-Ls have the most rust problems of the B14s. My friend had one and you could see the road from inside the car, thru the floor, haha. So make sure you really check the car out. If you live in the south, probably not an issue of course
2016-06-11 20:57:53
im in california and man thats bad lol
2016-06-11 21:04:09
Originally Posted by skeeter149
im in california and man thats bad lol

Nice. You should be good then.
2016-06-11 21:11:28
@Storm88000 if i can find one. there was a red one around the corner but man was it rough!
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