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Thread: GA16DE clutch replacement

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2015-12-01 11:05:42
GA16DE clutch replacement
My clutch went out and it needs to be replaced. Any good videos or tutorials to do it? I haven't done a clutch job before but figure this is can't be that difficult on the 1.6
2015-12-01 14:57:21
I don't know of any videos or a "how to"p osted on this site...possibly on a GA16 site?

Do you have an FSM? You should use the FSM as a guide...they can be found at nico
2015-12-24 04:03:55
Sorry for not replying sooner. But before I remove the clutch here's something else possibly not related but worth mentioning...
While I was driving it to the parts store I shifted into fifth gear when I tried to down shift it got stuck in 5th gear. So I pulled over and turned off the car. I could not get it out of 5th no matter how hard I pulled on the shifter. I guess I wasnt in thinking and desperate or something because I then started the car while in 5th and tried to move the car it barely moved at all when I started seeing smoke coming out of the tranny area so I turned off the car and had it towed back home. I know I know I screwed up big time trying to move the car while in gear. I'm just wondering... Did the clutch get stuck from friction and heat that it actually welded itself to the pressure plate or the flywheel?? Also in the process my speedometer and tachometer went out. Why did those go out? Did the cables that connect those sensors melt from the nearby heat??
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