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Thread: Ac problem please help!

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2015-07-07 23:45:51
Ac problem please help!
I have a 98 200sx ser.my ac compressor work only when i jump it on the relay,i change relay itself,fuses. And nothing,once i jump it and is direct compressor turns on and blow nice and cold.had anyone had this problem,just wanna have it working proper,anyone can help please.thanks
2015-07-09 05:00:35
What is the pressure on your low pressure line with the compressor clutch engaged and disengaged.

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2015-07-09 11:23:49
Not sure,how do i check it sorry new to working on ac.
2015-07-09 12:47:22
You are going to need a manifold gage set or at least one of those freion injector guns that come on the cans of freion at the auto parts store.

You are going to also need a thermonitor.

1. Place thermonitor on floor next to car
2. Warm car up to running temp.
3. Place gage on low pressure line
4. Operate gage to get proper pressure reading with the car running. Get one reading with the compressor clutch engaged and another with it disengaged.
5. Report back with ambient temperature and pressure levels.

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2015-07-09 12:53:23
Ok ima try that,if is low is clutch bad or the line.
2015-07-09 12:58:31
If the pressure is low it could be a hole in a line, or o-ring.

The reason I had you test the freion level is because the compressor clutch will not engage unless the see's a certain amount of pressure.

If the pressure checks out you will need to move onto electrical.

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2015-07-09 13:02:09
I think is electrical cause i filed it up and when i jump the relay compressor turns on and is nice and cold
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