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Thread: Vacuum hose refresh?

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2015-05-25 01:36:57
Vacuum hose refresh?
Has anyone done a complete vacuum hose replacement? I'm looking to do mine as part of an overall preventative maintenance and would prefer to have all the replacement hoses before I start taking the old ones off. I figure nearly 20 years and 200k is enough to ask of the originals.

This seems like a FAQ worthy process, but I didn't see one when I searched.
2015-05-26 02:10:57
Hmmm, I'd take them all off and then go to the local ORLY or other auto parts store and get a bunch of vacuum hose lines you need. Larger hoses like brake booster may need to be purchased OEM.

I think it's good preventative maintenance, but I've never done it. I kinda replace as needed.

2015-06-07 10:31:26
Sasco makes some decent hose. They also have vac hoses
2015-06-08 18:26:38
I take them all off, and get rid of all the extra crap you don't need.

If NA:
I just end up with one line per: fuel pressure regulator, charcoal canister, & Brake booster

If Boosted:
above plus: BOV, MAP sensor, Wastegate*
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