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Thread: Headlight info

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2012-12-13 03:32:52
Originally Posted by JR20DET
Originally Posted by danfiveten
WELL, if you look at that link i just posted you will see they have just the headlight for 160 shipped.

i email that guy, but has never gotten back to me

because he no longer sells stuff.

he's "Dick" on this forum
2012-12-13 04:33:46
Originally Posted by eggman
beware of those black housing lights.
They are junk,poorly made chinese garbage.
I just bought a set for my B14 since it got a new paint job,and what a mistake!
I would not even try to resell these and they are brand new.
I didnt notice the damage to the adjuster on one light until I went to install it.(I didnt even get to adjust them,and am afraid to touch the other adjuster,because it is so poorly made.)

Yes,they are that bad.
You also have to cut them up,and try to get your bulbs to work,or swap in H4.
Either way,the light is weaksauce,and scattered everywhere.

They look great in pics,but I drive my car. I need lights that let me see at night!
Since the adjusters are just pressed into crappy plastic,one was broke during shipping,and it looks like it wouldnt take much of a pothole or bump to break the other.

I just wanted to let you guys know.
I am out 200 bucks at this point.

Since they werent installed within 30 days of purchase,there is NO WARRANTY.

Lesson learned,good luck.

thanks for the review. I think I'll just stick with my oem lights
2012-12-13 22:48:08
I got a set of the chrome ones, the 1 pieces, and they were pretty cheap. Biggest problem is the beam pattern but other than that they fit well
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2012-12-13 22:54:14
I have a set of the ebay projectors and black corners they are crap the only reason mine arent is because i retrofitted clear lens TSX projectors! but out of the box almost embarsing crappiness.
2012-12-14 03:31:54
I would like a set of Exaltas from Luispeed but have never used aftermarket headlights on any of my cars so I'm leery of the quality.

I know the crystal clears are popular on this forum and haven't heard many complaints about them however
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