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Thread: hesitation and engine light ?, please help

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2012-01-11 07:35:30
hesitation and engine light ?, please help
So first question, besides your ecu throwing a code and causing check engine light to come on, is there anything that can cause your check engine light to come on. I have a random problem i keep running into where my car will make some ticking noises and then engine light comes and car like wont let me go, like i should be going like 30 or so and will be going like 5 constant gas going back and forth. i got rid of all my codes except for my rear o2 sensor but thats causing this problem, i have been driving for like 3 months with no problems and all of sudden this. i have a 98 200sx with 1.6 to sr20ve swap nistune. i drove to work fine today but on the way home boom. really frustrating, if anyone has had this problem please help thanks
2012-01-11 18:27:26
What codes do you get? The knock sensor will throw a code, but not light up the CEL.
2012-01-11 22:06:57
cel? im assuming that the cluster? no i got rid of my knock sensor code. only one i have left know is the rear o2 but thats not causing my issue.
2012-01-11 23:16:58
Sounds like missfire or detonation ? Like a 'Pinging' sound ? As posted above what code are you getting ? . If you are getting o2 codes i would look into those first . What o2 code is it ...Bank 1 heater ,bank 1 lean ,bank 1 rich . ? More info
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2012-01-12 17:59:54
no my mechanic its not misfire or detonation. bank 1 sensor 2 i believe but im pretty sure thats not the problem, i drove my car like 25 plus mile yesterday and hasnt shut off yet so im problem is fixed will get back with everyone. the newest things i did was resist the egr temp sensor and redo some grounding wires. thanks
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