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Thread: B14 Rear Window Tint ?

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2008-03-24 18:44:02
B14 Rear Window Tint ?
i want to retint my rear window; however, i can't stand the 4-6 inches of the black dots across the top. I want the whole window tinted. Im afraid of tinting over it as some people claim it'll come off easier .

How do I go about getting it fully tinted?
Do I have to get a new window w/o the black dots or is there a better way?
2008-03-24 19:03:11
On my CTS they just tinted over it and it hasn't been a problem. Its been 3 years now.
2008-03-24 19:04:48
ok good, so its just like one of the dumb sayings,
so i should go send it to mythbusters
2008-03-24 19:15:33
I can see it coming off easier than it will on the rest of the window. But, it should be fine as long as you dont mess with it.

I didn't tint my windows myself. I had a professional do them.
2008-03-24 20:46:00
it will come off on the B14 , trust me .

i had that same issue about 5 yrs ago.
2008-03-24 23:08:03
The place i went to painted the black dots with black paint inside the car. Looks great.
2008-03-25 01:27:59
Originally Posted by danfiveten
The place i went to painted the black dots with black paint inside the car. Looks great.

Tint up to them and use some flat black to cover them up. Should look good, you could also get a piece of vinyl in the color of your choice to cover it up on the outside.
2008-03-25 02:15:39
you say flat black, does it matter what kind of paint I use? I'm not used to painting glass, where can i get it, and what brand, type should I get?
2008-03-25 02:51:47
i had them tinted over and after 8 yrs it finnaly started coming off, so it wasnt really that bad.
2008-03-25 03:01:51
Right? I mean, how much can it cost to re-tint the back window? $25, $30 bucks?
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