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Thread: SER w/auto ECU Upgrade ? G20

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2011-05-10 18:27:33
SER w/auto ECU Upgrade ? G20
I have a 98 SER with Auto and A/C and running the A/C takes a bit of the usable HP as does the Auto. Does a G20 ECU upgrade do anything on the Autos?

I want to pinch out a few more HP for DD.

Silver Streak
2011-05-10 21:28:30
Removes speed limiter. I have an auto g20 ecu if interested.
2011-05-10 21:31:42
I beleive it will raise your revlimiter to 78k and you will throw and check engine light because the ecu is for an automatic. no hp or timming gain. just crank your dizzy and run 93 for more aggresive timing. proven free 6whp.
2011-05-10 21:32:32
2011-05-10 21:44:05
Umm...he wont through a cel, because its a auto ecu for a auto car as he stated.

I ran a g20 ecu in my 96 se-r, nice having no speed resctriction if you really want to go that fast 0.o and the higher rev line. Some say it feels more powerfull with the g20 ecu, the numbers say they dont, but i think its worth it.
2011-05-10 21:58:33
2011-05-30 00:34:47
I gots an auto g20 ecu as well! want it?
2011-05-30 14:59:13
7.8krpm rev limit
no speed cut
I myself thought the G20 ecu was a little more peppy to move the extra weight of the car but idk it feels better.
crank up that timing, run 93 and have fun!
2011-06-08 12:00:00
Hmm. yeah, the AC in this lovely heat, certainly rape the car power. Is it a plug in a play with the ECU? Auto for Auto shouldnt be a problem right ?
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