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Thread: Tach wire under dash?

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2011-04-25 14:31:17
Tach wire under dash?
So ive searched and i keep finding info that counteracts other info. Also im running on 2 hours sleep, from a long ve swap, and then after having to run my sister in law home, not getting home till 2am, and them my 8 month old having a fucking freak out session last night.

Right now i have the vvl window switch wired to the green tach signal wire from the dizzy, PROBLEM IS, its not a good enough signal, it surges, kicks the vvl on early, so im going to wire it under the dash sinc ethats a more constant signal. Sorry if some of this doesnt make any sense, just my eyes are freaking and fingers arnt typing what i want lol.

So what wire that goes into the speedo assembly is the tach signal wire? So i can tap that for my vvl switch. Thanks guys. And i got to say, lynchfourtwenty, josh, scared the shit out of me ont he first drive of my ve, man that thing has some damn power lol, I love having a ve.
2011-04-25 15:27:10
I strongly suggest to take the RPM signal straight from the ECU
2011-04-25 15:55:44
Will do. I found a pin out diagram saying number 3, so thats what ill do
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