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Thread: 5 lug conversion info help

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2011-05-01 02:31:07
Originally Posted by nismo
sorry if im thread jacking but i figured i ask this since you guys are talkin about conversions. My buddy is parting out a 240, if i wanted to do a 4x114 conversion (i know i prob can use the parts of a p10, but this 240 is sittin in my garage might as well grab the parts) could i use s13 240 4x114 spindles and all the parts to convert my b14 to 4x114?

a big no!
2011-09-28 11:44:21
Originally Posted by javcrodgz
Okay here's the deal, I was mis-informed. Here's what I found out.

When I pulled the Spindles/Hubs off the B15, I just happen to pull them off the black sheep of the B15, the NON SE-R / SPEC-V, LE Version of the B15 with the QR25. I thought that ALL B15 Hubs were the same because it wasn't an SE-R or SPEC-V. Boy was I wrong.

5 Lugging a B13/14 is a lot easier knowing what I know, now. All you need for your GA16 B14 is B15 Hubs/Spindles from a NON-QR25 B15. You want them from a QG or SR B15 as they have the same hub splines as the B13/14. All you have to do is re-drill them for 5x114.3 and you can re-use your same GA axles! How simple is that? I wish I would have known this. B15 axles are a little longer then the B14 and can cause some issues.

You will be okay 5 lugging your GA.

does this go for all four hubs?
2011-09-28 12:17:04
The rears, you can follow this

2011-09-28 15:39:19

thnx bro
2011-09-28 15:59:39
for the fronts, someone on b15u is making 5 lug hubs for the 2.0 se and spec v. you can press that into the b15 spindle and your good to go!
2011-09-28 21:18:20
Well the other option is getting the stock A32 hubs machined down to B13/14 dims.
2011-12-23 19:11:41
2011-12-27 04:12:38
Originally Posted by Keo
for the fronts, someone on b15u is making 5 lug hubs for the 2.0 se and spec v. you can press that into the b15 spindle and your good to go!

I'm pretty sure you can order these now, makes 5lugging a b14 easy peasy. Idk if I want to though, my 13's are 4 lug lol.
2012-05-01 18:53:41
I am the one from b15 make direct swap for b15. Currently, we have a b14 customers is looking for a set of front hubs with our kit
For those try to machine down the hubs, I would highly recommend not doing it. All our products are either made by name brand/aftermarket manufacturer. Spoke to them about the machine down idea before put this into production. They told me, in short term will be okay. Long run the issue will start coming out...such as cracking due to the surface has been heat treated, but with CNC machine which can weaken the hubs self...

One of our customer's ride
All B15 Models TDMi 5 Lug conversion Kit B15/N16 starts at 104shipped!!


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