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Thread: B14 200sx door hinge replacement

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2011-03-23 18:04:01
B14 200sx door hinge replacement
I Just wanted to put this out there as i had a hard time finding info about it, but FYI the door hinges for the b14 200sx (most likely the sentra too) are the same between the left and right. I needed to replace the bottom hinges for each so but i was only able to find the passenger set. The passenger hinges where stamped UR and LR , i assumed this meant upper right and lower right. I read a post saying that you could take the top passenger hinge (marked UR) and swap with into the bottom drivers hinge place. I went to do this and sure enough the drivers bottom hinge was marked UR as well, and the drivers top hinge was marked LR. So in short the hinges are the same, you just have to flip flop them.

Drivers Bottom <-> Passenger Top
Drivers Top <-> Passenger Bottom

This is useful , if you for example have maybe just the tops or just the bottoms bad and can only find either the left or right side set.

I can get pics if needed.
2011-03-27 01:17:28
how do you fix the door hinges im having problems with my driver door it doesnt sound like my passenger door when i close them?
2011-03-27 03:06:01
what do you mean by it doesnt sound like the passenger door when you close it, does the door sag at all, is the striker tight. need a bit more info. the doors not sounding the same could be a few things lol, see if you can lift up on the drivers door and if there is any play in it, or if the door is sagging. if thats the case start looking at the hinges and hinge pin bushings, what sucks about our hinges is that they are sealed, and u cant (easily) replace the bushings, and must replace the whole hinge assembly.
2011-03-27 04:20:01
sorry about that my passenger door is quite/normal but my driver door sounds like its hitting the car the sound of metal on metal i believe its the latch but the door is kindy lose. the door is off center an it hits the body frame.
2011-03-27 15:57:19
sounds like the door is sagging, and hitting the striker mounted to the b pillar. for me the striker just got loose but ive heard from some people that repeatedly hitting the striker can caused it to break off or even break the mount where its screwed in to (extreme case) none the less i would look at the door hinges and check the top and bottom hinge pin bushings. one thing ive noticed is when the bushing wears out , obviously you will get metal on metal rubbing when you use the door. this will cause the paint on the hinge to wear away and beging to aquire some surface rust on the hinge, that might be a bit easier to see then a torn bushing from afar. but any how in short check the door hinge pin bushings.
2011-04-02 13:33:55
Where did you get your hinges from?

All the places I have checked/called don't have them, even the local nissan dealer (which is odd).
2011-04-02 13:43:52
Might have to "Cut 'n Paste"... not familiar with posting Links here.
2011-04-02 22:12:43
yea as far as online, all i could find was the link will bob posted from courtesy. i got mine from the door store (local place) but they are strictly a door junkyard. i could try to source some for you if ur in need, but honeslty if the dealer doesnt have any we need to start looking at alternatives (custom hinge ping and bushing) for our cars
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