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Thread: What Did You Do To Your B14 Today?

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2011-06-29 14:05:52
Originally Posted by marksr20
i put the 194 led's in the license plate lights...

Looks good.. I thought about doing it again on this car but I like the fact that if I need to dissappear into traffic I can. From behind I just blend in.
2011-06-29 14:06:21
2011-06-29 15:24:13
Got my new KYB AGX for the rear. Stupid PennDOT... they will be paying for it I hope.
2011-06-29 15:46:32
Im in a pissed off mood. That scratched up header seller is giving me a problem. He wants me to send it back, and wait the week and a half for it to get back to him, and then the week and a half to re send me out one...I dont have that kind of freaking time to wait for it. I am going to be doing my exhaust this weekend or next weekend, i dont have almost 3 weeks to wait for another header which he is tryign to say was damaged in shipping from fed ex. I was / am (since on workers comp) a fed ex driver. Theres NO damage to the box, this was damage done before it was boxxed, someone didnt care threw the scratched up header into the box and shipped it out to me. All i told him is i want the 20 bucks of shipping refunded to me, and hes like NO YOU MUST RETURN IT I WILL NOT GIVE MONEY BACK. So im trapped, i got a scratched to shit header that looks like it was dragged in its plastic across concrete to put on my car to finish my exhaust so my car runs better, or wait weeks upon weeks for me to get another one, and take the chance that hes not going to fuck me over and actually ship me it back. Im not paying full price for a damaged item, but im not shipping it back and letting him put a damage claim in with fed ex when theirs no way it got damaged in shipping, and was quality control on their end not catching the damage.
Hell i wouldnt be suprised if this was the guys plan all along, send a damaged product, blame fed ex, get fed ex to have to pay for the damaged item and then ship me out another one and get 2 payments worth of money for one header. Ive seen so many people do shit like that being a fed ex driver trying to screw the system.
2011-06-30 02:27:16
brake upgrade 300zx calipers ,u13 front rotors and master cylinder, a32 rear calipers with brembo b15 rotors if u gonna do it u should do it all lol pics will be up soon
2011-06-30 02:56:49
Originally Posted by marksr20
i put the 194 led's in the license plate lights...

now the cops can see your plates a lot easier at night now just kidding.
2011-06-30 17:03:08
Today my girl is at the operation room... she is getting a new clutch instaled.

Modified Preasure Plate
ACT 6 puck w/ springs
Stock Flywheel
2011-06-30 19:26:57
Originally Posted by marksr20
i put the 194 led's in the license plate lights...

That red/blue combo would be illegal as fuk here in FL.You would get pulled over quickly.
You can't use red or blue exterior like(like neons,etc).Its like impersonating and emergency vehicle or something.
2011-06-30 19:56:21
^ Same here. In my altima ser i had white ones.
2011-07-01 00:34:59
played w/the calum rt
threw a new ve injector tune on the ecu today. she's been running richer than i like (even with the ve injectors) so i leaned it out some. hoping for a little better mpg's.
also raised the rev limiter from 6.5k to 7k.
(once the cams hit the big lobes @ 5.8k, 6.5k came way too quick)
made up 3 more sti injector tunes for when dyno time comes. no sense wasting preciou$$ dyno time changing individual cells in the tables.
changed the engine oil for the second time. this one should last a few K miles.
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