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Thread: What Did You Do To Your B14 Today?

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2015-04-05 15:12:47
FINALLY got the 6 Speed Shifter installed. Now to clean up some of the surrounding wiring and finished the clutch pedal install...

_Shift by Mattick22, on Flickr

_Shift by Mattick22, on Flickr
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2015-04-12 11:51:44
changed fuel filter a couple months ago...
then before that i had the clutch changed out and flywheel surfaced....it still has jolts when i take off alot...i think the transmission mount is bad
2015-06-08 15:57:49
Got back from an 1800 mile trip... the old girl did great. Only issue I had was the power steering belt didn't like the prolonged drive. I had a new NAPA/Gates power steering belt and alternator belt with me (I had meant to replace both before I left town, but ran out of time), so threw both on at a friends house.
2015-06-08 16:23:15
I put LEDs in my reverse and license plate lights, rewired my a-pillar gauges, found my radio and mounted it back up, looking for the wiring harness for it though, cant find it anywhere..and today I will be assembling my coilovers to get those ready to put them in the car asap..also found a torn axle boot on the right side that will need to be fixed..will probably do it when I do the coilovers
2015-07-01 20:20:27
post some pics of it lowered
2015-07-02 12:30:52
Originally Posted by cam0070
post some pics of it lowered

it will sit the same as my old b14..will try and find pictures of that car and post them

on another note..fixed the axle last week and found ball joints to be real bad and LCA bushings to be on their way out..ordered LCA bushings and they just got here and ordering ball joints tomorrow..battery went bad somehow idk how..but I got a new radio and harness..installed LED flasher and switchback LED bulbs into front turn signals and regular LED bulbs into rear turn signals...hmm..bought a roof rack too..trying to think of other things but blanking at the moment
2015-07-08 20:32:25
Filled it up with gas after 607.5 km (85% highway). I put in 45.729 L ,which equals about 664.25 km if I ran it until empty.
2015-07-09 23:11:00
thought about it..lol
2015-07-10 21:17:52
Drove by it with a grimace.
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2015-07-11 02:39:54
oil change,put a crank position sensor on finally...tomorrow the Air intake temp sensor...and hopefully that will clear my CEL
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