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Thread: What Did You Do To Your B14 Today?

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2013-09-01 16:48:38
I did this...

photo by Mattick22, on Flickr

Installed the S14 Nissan Option MOMO SRS Steering Wheel. After I do some more research I will follow up with the write up. I do not advise messing with airbags unless you really read the FSMs (yours and donor wheel's), do some basic airbag theory of operations research and actually disconnect the battery. This is one of few times that I actually adhere to that. Yes it bolts up, yes the clock spring needs modification and yes the SRS and horn harnesses do match up. If you have questions let me know so I make sure I address them in the write up.
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2013-09-02 03:11:43
Installed new wheels after 14 years with the same ones.

2013-09-02 03:52:08
specs on the rims ?? car looks clean as hell !!
2013-09-02 05:55:24
Originally Posted by Frank
specs on the rims ?? car looks clean as hell !!

Thanks! The wheels are Konig Feathers 17X7 with +40 offset....tires are 215/40 Continental Extreme Contact DW.
2013-09-10 01:59:39
Wasn't today, more like earlier this summer lol. Got back on the forum today and figured I'd post this.

Anyway, finally got my new exhaust on! They aren't the best pictures, can't really get good pictures of the exhaust when the car is just on jack stands instead of on a lift. They are crappy cell phone pics too so bear with me lol.

Bay is dirty. But here are my new headers.

This is about the most full shot of the exhaust I got. Again that's the best I could do with the car on stands lol.

Magnaflow 18" Resonator.

Those are really the only good pictures I got, I took those after I finished it. Wish I had more pictures to share but right now those are the only ones I have, just thought I'd post a little update while I was on the forum. I am really pleased with it, it sounds amazing!
2013-09-14 21:11:30
No pics, but got my fidanza flywheel in today, along with my act extreme pp, thanks @nismo94tuner, and act sprung puck disc with a oem throw out bearing. To top it off with some redline heavy shockproof gear oil.

And for @Kyle, you r right, the redline mt-90 doesn't really have the shockproof has. I remember the shockproof smell for sure, but the gear oil coming out, the mt-90 had no smell,
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2013-10-14 06:54:46

rolled and pulled some fenders. throw on new wheels and tires(soon to be polished wheels. Too much black for me lol). swap AAC.
2013-10-14 15:53:04
I was going to install my aluminum and delrin cross member bushing set from @"UNISA JECS" but it looks like I'm going to be replacing my front motor mount first...

Going to order the aluminum dogbone mount and prothane insert from GregV to replace it..
2013-10-22 02:27:51
What Did You Do To Your B14 Today?
Super big update finally got the car off the bricks and swapped in a regular highport sr20de with a 3in exhaust all the way back..aftermarket headers,3in intake pipe...just basic bolt on's and also got new speakers all the way around, new radio also and a rear window visor and got some White Konig Candy's 15x7 with a 195/50r15 tire just waiting to get my tps sensor to get here...here are some pic's as the car sits now

2013-11-05 00:16:03
Not today but in the past 2 weeks I have spent some money on my car... The 3rd gear went out and the 5th is having pop out issues... So I got a b14 transmission from @91sentragti-r, picked up a sr20ve from Venus auto in Sacramento, SSAC header, Apexi afc neo, a wideband, gaskets, oil(trans&engine), and misc other little things to do the swap

Going to be doing the swap on saturday, hopefully i will swap and street tune it all in one day Doing it at my friends house who is a hyundai master tech so should be fast
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