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Thread: What Did You Do To Your B14 Today?

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2010-12-12 16:17:41
2010-12-12 16:22:54
Looked at it, it's up for the winter but I need to start doing stuff to it...
2010-12-12 16:42:28
Topped off my rad and coolant overflow tank with needed coolant. Some pockets of air must have burped up while it sat overnight or something cause it is bone dry on the engine, finally.
2010-12-12 19:25:32
i replaced my bad t25 for a gtir t28. its in storage in my garage for the winter. next i have to bleed the brakes, and im about to get a candy cane pipe for the t28. Lou that is one sick headunit.
2010-12-12 19:29:40
Originally Posted by Nismo
Lou that is one sick headunit.

2010-12-13 00:24:59
Dropped of the VE for the swap next sunday. WOOT WOOT!

2010-12-13 06:00:07
cleaned it bumped a new cd drive by some slow hondas then headed out to work
2010-12-13 06:21:09
Started cleaning up the engine bay a bit. Got a lot of the dirt and grime off. Took most of the brackets off that were getting surface rust, sanded them, and sprayed them with flat black rustoleum. Took some fine sand paper to the valve cover (still attached lol) and got a big cheesy grin at how good it looks with the crud sanded off (only partially done, will finish tomorrow).

Noticed that from what I can see, my front motor mount is toast. The others have a large amount of rubber in the middle of the big metal ring, the front has a piece of rubber about the size of a skateboard bushing.
2010-12-13 06:24:26
Also turned the MAF housing so the MAF would be pointing downwards and hidden from view. Moved the throttle cable to run under the intake rather than over the top of it (Going to look into other options tomorrow)

& Took the bottom half of the stock air box out. Yeah, I'm running stock piping and just have a cone filter shoved into the end of the MAF housing... When I bought the car it was that way, haven't gotten a new intake yet.. I'm sure this isn't the best idea but I don't think it is hurting anything?
2010-12-13 09:04:23
Installed retro fited exalta's
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