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Thread: Official 200sx Thread

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2007-12-13 21:22:58
Your cool. Where in Georgia are you?
2007-12-13 21:40:42
"Hoschton". It's up I85 past the MOG. About an hour or so from Atlanta. I bounce between here and Hawaii alot lately.

BTW, to do pics just upload your pics to Flickr or Photobucket and then copy/paste the address between the IMG tag like this: [img]insert address here[IMG]. BAM! Pictures posted.[/img]
2007-12-13 22:30:51
1998 200sx SE-R - Current Modification List
[/size][/color]*** Completed Swap - April 09, 2006 *** Updated 06/15/07***[/size]


Introduction & Current Information:
This is my 1998 200SX SE-R. I bought this car in Dayton; after a little research on the SR20 Powerbox I had to have one. Small goals are to get about 160 whp by next Summer. The car now has 100,000 miles on the chassis. I have put about 20,000 of those miles on the new motor, and it is running great! The car is slowly becoming what I want it to be. I scrapped the idea of turbo'ing this car, and bought a b13 to play with. Again... my regards to all that have taken the time to take a peak at my vehicle... If you have any questions, comments, concerns, or would like some information, dont be afraid to contact me... My info can be found on my Forum Profile... Peace!

Current Progress:
154whp & 136ft-lb torque on Mustang Dynometer w/ Stock Cams! Peg Leggin' all day! I've got JWT S3R cams in now!

N/A Modifications:
Old Engine: USDM 2.0L Lowport SR20DE
[size=0]-K&N Drop-In Replacement Filter (When Using Stock Airbox)
-Injen Perfomance CAI
-1991 Highport Sentra SE-R Cams
-Hotshot (Gen 3) Performance Headers
-EDIT Engine Spun a Bearing... Purchased JDM RR Lowport[/size]

New Engine: JDM 2.0L Lowport RR SR20DE | 9.8:1 Compression
[size=0]-Engine Code: Head-2j2 5R; Block-53J (01/02 P11 Primera?)[/size]

[size=0](Info on Roller Rocker SR20DE's: [url=http://www.sr20forum.com/showthread.php?t=147888]http://www.sr20forum.com/showthread.php?t=147888[/url] )
(Info on Swapping the Motor: [url=http://www.sr20forum.com/showthread.php?t=149108]http://www.sr20forum.com/showthread.php?t=149108[/url] )[/size]

Engine & Transmission Mods
[size=0]-Injen Technology ® Cold Air Intake
-Jim Wolf Technology S3R Camshafts (PN: ASER0-2KS3R)
-VRS 2.5" Stainless Steel Mandrel Bent Exhaust
-Magnaflow ® 2.5" Muffler w/ 3.5" ID/2.5" ID Stainless Steel Tip
-Magnaflow ® 14" Stainless Steel Resonator (Running Stock 98 Cat)
-Outlaw Engineering ® Thermo-Blok Spacers (All 3)
-Hotshot ® Generation 3 Header & Secondary | Thermocoated [color=maroon](Retired)[/color]
-SS Autochrome ® Header w/ 2.5" Secondary
-Running USDM 98 Lowport Intake manifold (for emissions)
-Exedy ® OEM Replacement Clutch Disc & PP (for 2000 SE B15)
-Prothane Solid Eurathane Motor Mounts
-Engineering Suspension Shifter Bushing
-Taylor Thundervolt 50 Ignition Wires (w/ Wire Seperators)
-Homemade PCV Oil Catch Apparatus
-Stock Transmission: OEM 5 Speed Manual Transaxle (Non LSD)
-SR16VE Flywheel from Greg Vogel [color=red](Installing)[/color]

[size=0]-17"x7" Volution "Kahn" Racing Wheels (S/S/F) [color=maroon](Sold)[/color]
-Kuhmo ® Ecsta | 205/40/17 (Z-Rated) Tires (S/S/F) [color=maroon](Sold)[/color]
-Toyo ® Proxes 4 | 205/50/15 (H-Rated) Tires
-Eibach ® Sportline Springs (front) [color=maroon]Sold[/color]
-Eibach ® Pro-Kit Springs (rear) (front) [color=maroon]Sold[/color]
-Eibach Ground Control Coilovers (Spring Rate: 325 F | 275 R)
-KYB AGX Adjustable Shocks/Struts (F&R) w/ Cut Front Spring Perch (Thanks Russell)
-Cusco ® Front Strut Tower Bar (For N14 Pulsar GTI-R)
-Cusco ® (B13) Front Adjustable Camber Plates [color=red](Installing)[/color]
-eBay Rear Adjustable Strut Tower Bar
-Stillen ® Front G Brace Bar [color=red](Installing)[/color]
-ST Rear Sway Bar (Thanks Brian)[/size]

Appearance & Cosmetics:
[size=0]-Nismo ® Shift Knob [color=maroon](Sold)[/color]
-Nismo ® eBay Floor Mats (Front/Back)
-Homemade EGR Heat Shield
-Custom OEM Black Housing '98/'99 Headlamps
-Custom OEM Amber Corners [color=maroon](Retired)[/color]
-Custom OEM Black Housing Corners
-Custom Tinted 96 Tail Lamps [color=maroon](Retired)[/color]
-Custom OEM Tinted/Color Matched 98 SE-R Tail Lamps
-RR Valve Cover Painted Bronze [color=maroon](Retired)[/color]
-Powder Coated RR Valve Cover [color=red](Installing, Thanks Brennan)[/color][/size]

[size=0]-OEM Double Din In-Dash CD/Tape/Radio (Stock Stereo for Life!!!)
-Verge 6-1/2" Coaxials 105W Peak (Starving for Power)[/size]

Things to be Accomplished:
[size=0]-Replace Motor! Thanks Jay, Brian, Nathan [color=darkred](03/25/06)[/color]
-Replace Water Pump [color=darkred](03/25/06)[/color]
-Replace Throwout Bearing [color=darkred](03/25/06)[/color]
-Install New Belts [color=darkred](03/25/06)[/color]
-Replace Axle Seals [color=darkred](03/25/06)[/color]
-Replace Damaged Rear Rotors & Pads (Thanks Brian!!!!) [color=darkred](12/09/06)[/color]
-Install Rear ST Swaybar, again, Thanks Brian!!! [color=darkred](12/09/06)[/color]
-Replace Hitiachi Starter w/ Mitsubishi [color=darkred](12/19/06)[/color]
-Powdercoat Valve Cover [color COLOR=DarkRed](Brennan: 12/31/07)[/color]
-Replace Distributor Cap & Rotor [color COLOR=DarkRed](4/23/07)[/color]
-Install JWT S3R Camshafts [color COLOR=DarkRed](06/15/07)[/color]
-Replace Fuel Filter
-Install Lightweight Flywheel
-Powdercoat OEM Wheels a "Special Color"

Almighty Schedule of What Will be Done (Legend): Red[/color]=Not Complete, Green=Complete

Immediate Plans: (1 Month Plans; Complete by 07/17/06)[/color][/size]
[size=0]-[color=green]Attain Financial Stability w/ full time job (no more college for me)[/color]
-[color=green]Find a good tuning shop and dyno to see where I'm at... (154whp/136ft-lb)[/color]
-[color=Green]Weld OEM Muffler to exhaust b-pipe (Replaced Exhaust)[/color]
-[color=green]Full Tune Up - Wires, Spark Plugs, 300zx Fuel Filter, Oil Filter, etc. (parts all purchased from GregV)[/color]
-[color=green]Replace all Brake Pads (Akebono - [url]http://www.tirerack.com/brakes/akebono/index.jsp[/url]) Did rear, Front Coming[/color]
-[color=green]Get car re-registered w/ personalized plates (I went with MEENERS, $95 total online)[/color][/size][/color]

Near Future Plans: (3-5 Month Plans; Complete by 11/17/06)[/color][/size]
[size=0]-[color=green]Part out 98 DE motor and sell as much as possible to make money from old swap[/color]
-[color=green]Moving to better neighborhood (restricted a lot of my modding capabilities b/c of area)[/color]
-[color=green]Upgrade Exhaust to 2.25 or 2.5"... Magnaflow Resonator, stock cat, Stromung Muffler or Custom, or VRS Group Buy[/color]
-[color=Green]Sell my HS Gen 3 Header and purchase Gen 5, SSAC, any w/ wider primaries and EGR bung. (Currently Fixing HS, Bought 2.5" SSAC)[/color]
-[color=green]Find SR20VE Flywheel. (bought)[/color]
-[color=green]Investigate purchasing a daily driver ride unmolested... (I'm getting a B13)[/color]
-[color=green]Investigate money invested for VE/Turbo Options and make excel table[/color][/size][/color]

Distant Future Plans: (12-18 Months Plans; Complete by 12/17/07)[/color][/size]
[size=0]-[color=green]Purchase Daily Beater <$1000 (Finally got me a 93 SE-R to fool with!)[/color]
-[color=green]Purchase JWT S3R Camshafts (PN: ASER0-2KS3R) .450" Lift/262 Degree Duration[/color]
-[color=green]Investigate ECU options for Roller Rocker Turbo or VE Option[/color]
-[color=green]Purchase Oil Temp, Water Temp, Oil Pressure Gauges (N/A) (PN: _____, _____, _____)
-Purcahse Boost, A/F Ratio, Oil Pressure Gauges (Turbo) (PN: _____, _____, _____)[/color][/size]

From a Late Night Shoot

When I went to Visit My Pops...

Back when I first Completed the Tails & Rear Tray

I really need to update this list
2007-12-13 22:49:13
Originally Posted by XxToKeSxX

From a Late Night Shoot

I love this pic, really great shot from a killer angle!
2007-12-14 02:26:48
1996 200sx se (my se-r was totaled by a hit and run driver :mad


11:1 compression sr20de
balanced recriprocating parts (sp?)
JWT ecu (7800 cut)
JWT S4 cams
place racing CAI
GEN6 header
2.5" exhaust
magnaflow muffler
10lb. JUN flywheel
ACT clutch
fr/rr ES motor mounts

300/250# hyperco springs
shortened koni reds
koni bumpstops
motivational rear mounts
caster, control arm, beam axle bushings
progress front bar
stillen rear bar
225/45/15 hankooks
15x7 10lb. wheels
B13 autopower rollbar
ss brake lines
nx upgrade front
fastbrakes conversion rear
se-r braked master cylinder
B13 seats

BEST E.T. SO FAR: 14.3 @ 98 mph street tires 2.4 60 ft.
2007-12-14 03:43:28

more recent
2007-12-15 03:29:12
95 teal se-r, stock....just picked it up the other day.

2007-12-15 03:35:26
I just have a 200sx nothing special
2007-12-15 04:05:55
Originally Posted by 2dr_sentra
I just have a 200sx nothing special

Don't lie! You're being too modest, haha.
2007-12-16 04:18:41
Originally Posted by Brett
Don't lie! You're being too modest,
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