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Thread: What oil do you use

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2008-09-26 19:32:31
What oil do you use
I'm about to change my oil this weekend and I've been trying that caster oil high mileage oil. Its ok, but I'm thinking of finally going with the synthetic on this car. I have 125,000 on the motor and I've always heard the "myth" of not to swap to a synthetic at a high mileage. I've switched to synthetic before on a lower mileage and it was no biggie. I know it won't be a problem and that it is a "myth" but I need to hear it from every one so I will have that nice sure feeling inside. What's your story and what do you use? Thanks
2008-09-26 20:24:57
I run Mobile 1 "full" synthetic 5W-30.

As for the switch to synthetic, I'll explain as there is some fact behind the myth. With age, sludge builds up in the engine and can actually plug tiny holes in engine seals that develop over time. When switching to synthetic, the oil typically has different and/or better detergents in it which wash away this sludge. If it washes away sludge plugging a hole, you'll get a leak. I'd just trust my seals were in good order and make the plunge. If you start to leak, you had bad seals to begin with that should be replaced regardless.
2008-09-26 22:40:09
Mobile 1 5W-30 as well.
2008-09-27 03:56:00
Redline Oil. Fully Synthetic

It depends where you live? If you suffer cold weather you want a heavier weight. For the Floridians, we use a lighter weight.
2008-09-27 10:51:50
royal purple 5w30
2008-09-27 12:47:07
Mobile 1 fully synthetic 10w-30
2008-09-28 02:39:45
Well, as far as the "myth" goes, there is basically one reason why you won't want to run a synthetic in a high mileage motor. COST. If it is going to burn, or drip out, it is not worth $7/quart.

I personally use Rotella synthetic 5W40 year round. I hold perfect oil pressure, it has more zinc in it because it is rated for pre 2007 diesel engines, and takes a pounding without breaking down or getting thin. So far, the best oil I have used so far. And the price is only $20/gallon, which fills up the engine with some to spare. I love this oil.
2008-09-28 17:09:56
mobile 1 fully synthetic 5w-30
2008-09-28 17:15:32
Mobile 1 fully synthetic 15w-50. Though its strating to get cool here so I will drop down to 10w-40 in a month or so.
2008-09-29 02:14:50
Originally Posted by zer099
Mobile 1 fully synthetic 15w-50. Though its strating to get cool here so I will drop down to 10w-40 in a month or so.

Same here Mobile 1 full synthetic 15w50.
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